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Best Human Resources Online Assessment Software



Online Assessment Software

Did you know that 82% of companies use some employment assessment test? Assessing applicants before recruiting is a great way to gauge if they can fit the vacant position. The process doesn’t only evaluate knowledge and skills but also motivational drivers, cultural fit, and personality traits.

While face-to-face interviews are still crucial, online assessment is growing in popularity. The right human resources software can help you get the best suitable candidates. It also makes the hiring process easier.

Here are the best human resources online assessment software solutions that you might want to consider.


eSkill is one of the most popular online skills assessment tools that your organization can use to deploy valid and accurate skill gap assessment tests and pre-employment tests. It has more than 600 standard tests to choose from. The tool also has at least 5000 topics to create content for your industry.

These customizable tests cover different job requirements in administration, sales, HR, accounting, and IT. More than 4000 clients around the world use eSkill as it incorporates different roles. With major companies such as FedEx and Coca-Cola using this tool, you can be confident that it has desirable capabilities to help in the recruitment process.

Despite the popularity of tools such as eSkill, it would help to ask several questions before investing in an online assessment software. The right information will ensure that you’re settling for the best solution for your company.

Interview Mocha

One of the human resources software that would benefit your organization’s recruitment process is Interview Mocha. This tool helps in verifying a candidate’s job fit. It has more than 1000 aptitude tests, enterprise-ready assessment, and skills tests.

Some of the skill tests you’ll get with Interview Mocha include Bank Teller Aptitude Test, Java Coding, Salesforce CRM, and Big Data Pig Test. You can also request candidate ranking or assessment integration tools.

You can get a solution from a wide range of pre-built skill tests. Alternatively, you can customize a tool to suit your needs or request your provider to get you a custom-made assessment that suits your recruitment needs.


Applied is a human resources assessment software that was developed to address the deficiency with traditional CV sifting. The tool makes it easier to find top talents for the advertised position in your organization. The developers created a range of time assessments, which let companies assess candidates without any form of bias.

This online assessment software further allows recruiters to maintain application anonymity. They chunk the batches’ applications to enhance comparative assessment, multiple evaluations, and randomize candidates to reduce cases of ordering effects. This comprehensive approach to candidates’ assessment is among the best ways to get top talents.


The cost of a bad hire for your business is about 30% of your worker’s first-year earnings. From their salary to the resources used in training, hiring wrong can be detrimental to your business. It is crucial to understand the human resources software that will increase your chances of hiring the right candidate.

HireSelect is one of the best human resources software that you can use to get top talents for your organization. Criteria Corp developed the tool for web-based pre-employment assessment. It has assessments for:

  • Basic skills such as numeric entry and typing
  • Aptitude tests like attention, mechanical, and cognitive skills
  • Personality tests, which include sales achievement predictor

The company has a scientific advisory board that reviews all the Important Assessments. HireSelect has great tools for human resource managers, warehouse managers, and loan officers, among other professionals across different industries.

Mercer Mettle

Mercer Mettle is among the online talent assessment platforms that you might need to consider to measure your candidate’s ability, personality, and skills. Their test library has a range of cognitive, psychometric, and technical tests to get you the best when hiring.

This online tool is ideal for financial, legal, and retail sectors. Delivery companies and software developers also use it as it incorporates a range of programming languages. If you’re looking for tech talent, you can’t go wrong with the Mettle solution.


Your ideal human resources software should be able to assess candidates in a fun and interactive way. Pymetrics is an online assessment game that you can use to measure emotional and cognitive skills. It is also used to measure a range of other soft skills.

This Pymetric tool is used to measure the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate. It then benchmarks the results against the top performers in an organization. Within 20 minutes of playing the game, you can get an ideal candidate who will match up your company’s top talents.

Pymetric has been praised for ensuring that the hiring process is fair. Applicants are often on an equal footing, meaning that everyone gets a fair chance regardless of background.

Hire Talent

One of the online assessment software that human resources can use for hiring right is Hire Talent. The software is a pre-employment assessment tool that companies use to measure their candidates’ sales aptitude, critical thinking, and people skills. The solution aims to help small and medium-sized enterprises that want to measure their hires’ job fit and personality.

The assessment is solely online, which enables recruiters to test candidates remotely or on-site. The approach has incorporated consistency and multi-trait questions to address any possible cheating in the test and if you want to generate documents in salesforce check Document generation for Salesforce. Hire Talent also has capabilities to detect answers that have been exaggerated.

This online assessment software tests;

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Cognitive skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Communication skills
  • People skills
  • Adaptability

From this tool, you get a potential candidate with a set of skills you’d want for your firm. You can use this software with another solution that focuses more on the traits and personality.

The Right Human Resources Software Can Guide You in Hiring Right

You can’t afford trial and error during hiring! The wrong hire can end up costing your company extensively. It would be best to use human resources software to allow you adequate pre-employment assessment before hiring.

With the right tools, the assessment will be fast and efficient. From the list of online assessment software, you can choose a tool that fits your organizational needs.

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