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Bathroom Ideas Available for your Space



Bathroom Ideas

At first glance, a luxury bathroom space does not feel any different from a room in your house. With its unparalleled aesthetics and practicality, the space gives off a welcoming aura upon entering.

But due to the number of luxury bathroom ideas available, it can be challenging to choose the configuration most suited for your space. In addition, different styles complement different spaces, and choosing the right design can get tricky.

However, it is not a cause for concern. Before moving on to the tips, it is vital to examine how bathroom types are determined.

How to Determine Your Bathroom Type

To determine the type of bathroom, its components are taken into account. For example, a standard bathroom usually consists of a toilet, sink, shower, and bathtub. Each of these elements is considered to be one-quarter of the four.

A full bathroom consists of all four components, whereas a three-quarter bathroom consists of three of the four given elements. Similarly, two of these components make up a half bathroom.

Since a toilet is a must for any bathroom, half bathrooms commonly consist of a toilet and a sink. Moreover, the shower and bathtub may act as single or different components, based on the controls available.

If a lower faucet is used for the bathtub and a higher shower head for the shower, then these elements are considered as a single component.

What Kind of Bathrooms Exist in Australian Homes?

Some standard bathroom types are found in a majority of Australian homes. These styles are listed below.

  • Master Bathroom
  • Ensuite Bathroom
  • Small Bathroom
  • Guest Bathroom
  • Full Bathroom
  • Three-quarters Bathroom

The primary distinguishing element among these is the amount of space present and the number of elements you can install. Based on these factors, there are multiple ways in which you can renovate each bathroom to fit your preference.

Bathroom Ideas For your Space

With unlimited personalisation options, there’s no better way to make your bathroom your comfort space. A few ideas that you can incorporate to increase the appeal of your luxury bathroom are as follows:

Use Printed Wallpaper

Even though you can use calming hues to paint the inner walls of your bathroom, printed wallpaper gives you a more vibrant option. You can choose the pattern you want, whether it has solid, geometrically printed shapes or colourful freehand structures.

Add Mood Lighting and Plants

Décor items are usually installed with luxury bathrooms to complete their look. Among these items, soft lighting and indoor plants add to the sense of relaxation by creating a sense of sanctuary and offering respite.

Incorporate Wall Art

Adding a tropical piece of art allows your space to give off a more luxurious feel comparable to that of a hotel. Your art piece could include varying shots, from trees and beaches to aerial perspectives.

Add comfort with Underfloor Heating

The presence of underfloor heating further adds to the comfort of your bathroom by helping you stay warm after a shower. Moreover, it helps you reel in the effects of the warm shower by keeping the floor warm.

These are just a few ideas you can use to ramp up your space. Consequently, you can enjoy unparalleled luxury right at your home!

Summing Up

Own your space as you go through various luxury bathroom ideas before finalising one that suits you the best. In the end, the space should cater to your preferences and provide sufficient space to store all your supplies.

So, contact your nearest bathroom renovating company and ask for a quote now!

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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