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Alternatives to Sell Your Home in Arizona



Alternatives to Sell Your Home in Arizona

Property prices in Arizona are on the rise. Just two years ago, the state experienced a 30 percent spike in the price of houses. On average, you may have to shell out $400,000 to own a house in Arizona.

In addition, if you hire a real estate agent or a realtor, you can expect to pay an extra $21,000 in commissions.

To save this amount, it is best to be your own boss and list your house on flat fee MLS (Multiple Listing Service). This practice connects you directly with a buyer or seller, forgoing the need for a middleman.

Within the state of Arizona, there are many such home listing services. This article will suggest some great options for you.

Selling your House through Flat Fee MLS Companies

Many people hire a realtor to find buyers for their houses. But this could add to their expenses. For this reason, it is wise to try the flat fee MLS approach.

This section contains some of the best flat fee MLS listing service Arizona.


This is an online tech company that specializes in real estate. Using the winning combination of great customer support, advanced technology, and great savings, Houzeo ensures you get the best offer for your house.

Here are some of the salient features of this MLS platform –

  • Your house listing gets maximum exposure through Houzeo. Every listing on the platform is also put on other websites such as Trulia, Redfin,, Zillow,and MLS.
  • In addition to collaborating with other platforms, Houzeo promotes your listing through its active sharing tools on various social media platforms.
  • To get a listing with Houzeo, you only need topay a tiny flat fee. You will also save money by hiring a buyer agent for those without representation.
  • The platform works completely online. It makes uploading data and implementing changes very simple.
  • Houzeo has a customer service rating of 4.9 out of 5 on reputable review platforms like Trustpilot and Google. Whatever doubts you have on your mind, there is a professional waiting at Houzeo to address them.
  • In terms of technology, Houzeo has the cutting-edge IntelliList Listing Management System. You can easily surf their platform to get details like house showings and offers.

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The “i” in iBuyers stands for “instant.” This company is known to deploy algorithms that set home prices. Their aim is to put an end to the inconvenience of packed home tours.

The company makes a direct 24-48 hours offer and purchases homes for cash.

Here are some iBuyers reviews –

  • You must wait for interested buyers to respond in a traditional setup of listing houses on the MLS. The iBuyers technology bypasses this old-school
  • On the contrary, iBuyers believes in quick and hassle-free house transactions within 24 to 48 hours. This is quite a feature.
  • By eliminating steps that involve paperwork and listing agreements, iBuyers companies function much faster. Some companies go to the extent of guaranteeing a close within a week.
  • With iBuyers,you can be sure of a sale. These companies ensure that you sell your house quickly and get hard cash fast. On top of that, you do not have to waste time listing your house, prepping your property, or waiting for the perfect offer.
  • You do not have to shell out any money before sellingyour house. This means you save on staging, furniture upgrades, curb appeals, repairs,
  • On the downside, the price you get for your house is not negotiable. iBuyers companies follow a “take it or leave it” approach.
  • The offer you get through iBuyers has a low price. You generally get 80 to 98 percentof the current market value of your property.

You can check out iBuyer reviews for more information.


Fizber is another platform for home sellers to list their properties for sale. It provides free listings and directly connects you to potential buyers. By eliminating the middlemen, Fizber grants total control over the commissions from real estate.

Here are some Fizber reviews –

  • The platform works with agents in the state of Arizona. These agents will represent you during the sale or purchase of houses. In return, they will charge you a nominal fee.
  • The Fizber agents are skilled and waste no time finding the best deals for your house. They also support you throughout your journey.
  • It has extensive links to various advertising and marketing tools. Using these features, Fizber can sell your house very fast in the market.
  • You can claim a full refund for any MLS package you purchase from Fizber within 30 days. Just make sure you have not submitted any documents to the broker.
  • On the downside, Fizber is infamous for delays in a free listing and an overall lack of management.
  • The fee you pay to the agent is a hidden expenditure. None of the Fizber packages mention it explicitly.
  • On top of that, Fizber also charges a 0.5 percentsuccess fee at closing for WY, CO, SD, and ND.

You can check out Fizber reviews for more information.

Tips on Preparing your House for Sale

To increase your chances of a successful sale, follow these tips –

  • Make your house worth the sale. This means takingcare of any repair or maintenance work that might otherwise put off potential buyers.
  • Hire a good photographer or rent a good camera to take impressive pictures of your house. If your property does not look good, buyers will not be excited to buy it.
  • The priceof your property smartly. If you aim too low, you won’t make a profit. But if you aim too high, you will scare away any potential buyers.
  • The best thing to do is to quote a price which is slightly on the higher end of the spectrum. This leaves room for negotiations.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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