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All You Need to Know About Professional TV Wall Mounting Services in Brisbane



TV Wall Mounting

With OTT streaming gaining popularity now more than ever, the home theatre and TV market are also flourishing like never before. A large number of Brisbanites are shifting to wall-mounted TV installation due to the comfort offered by this setup in terms of space and performance. However, at least a few people have the misconception that DIY wall mounting is sufficient during the initial set-up. The advantages of hiring services that are specialised in TV wall mounting in Brisbane are plentiful.

With the aid of the right kind of equipment, the technicians ensure that the installation is done by following the highest available standards. They finish the job in quick time without any hassle and provide necessary instructions to the user so that you do not have to toil hard for the entire day. Besides, no one wishes to suspend the joyful experience of watching their favourite show by ruining the installation part. According to a survey conducted in South Brisbane last year, 79% of respondents preferred wall mounting installation over the relatively inconvenient desk mount setup. In this article, we will look at some of the important factors to consider before hiring TV wall mounting experts and the advantages of hiring such services.


With many companies offering services like TV wall mounting in Brisbane, tasks like installation, calibration and tuning will be carried out by experts who meticulously deal with all the units involved in the process. It is ideal to hire companies with at least 10 years of experience in TV wall mounting/installation. Also, customer reviews on Google would prove helpful while hiring these services. These reviews give insights on several other components like their behaviour towards customers, promptness of service and so on. Make sure their services cover all structural operations along with the provision of AV components required for installation.


Television and home theatre industries have been witnessing relatively higher business in Brisbane in the pandemic period. However, before hiring TV wall mounting services, you need to take a few things like the viewing angle, distance, sun exposure etc., into consideration for an immersive viewing experience.

Sun Exposure

The frequent falling of sunbeams on the TV stand can ruin your viewing experience if you install it against a wall that is exposed to the glare of sunlight. The viewer will have to keep her/his curtains closed to watch their favourite shows. The sunlight in Brisbane is relatively intense during October and November. Hence, make sure that the wall you choose for mounting is free from the sun’s glare.

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Viewing Angle

If you have a small space, it is better to buy a smaller TV. The viewing angle is determined by measuring the TV size and the viewing distance. Do not sit very close to the television as it can strain your eyes.


Safe Installation

Faulty installation can cost you more money. The DIY installation often results in damages as the risk factors involved are high. Experienced TV wall mounting services make sure that all the cables and cords are concealed in the wall cavity to offer you more comfort and avoid any potential damage to the wires.

Proper Wiring

Usage of low-grade cables during wiring can cause you trouble as it will deteriorate over time. Most people who try DIY installation are not able to distinguish between good quality cables and low-quality ones. However, professionals make sure that all the cables that they use for wiring are of premium quality. This means that you do not have to spend more money on cable replacement shortly.

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