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YouTube is undoubtedly the king of video sharing. Ever since its inception in 2005, the site has grown in leaps and bounds. Many people have also sought to use it to generate some income. If you would also wish to make extra cash via the platform, we are pleased to notify you that you have come to the right place.

Here, we are going to acquaint you with the tips and strategies you ought to adhere to in order that you may make enough cash. To do this, we shall belabor the various forms of YouTube promotions, the leading options you may try, and the benefits of leveraging the services of a collaborator to have your way.


As with any other service out there, YouTube promotions also have varying components. Below are the leading parts of your typical YouTube promotion service:


This is the number of times a YouTube video is accessed and viewed by users. Each time a user accesses the video, the visit is captured and incorporated in a tally. The number of views gives a peek into how popular a video might be and the likelihood of it going viral.


Each YouTube user is free to open a channel, which is basically an account via which he may post videos and engage an audience. In addition, the users may also follow a particular account to receive regular updates of the videos as they come and also comment on the same. But due to the saturation of content and YouTubers on Youtube, it becomes difficult to get a subscriber base on your channel. Wait!!! don’t worry we are here to help you, we provide the services where you can buy youtube subscribers for your channel, at a reasonable amount.


The videos may have to be advertised to make them clearly legible and appealing to a mass. In its entirety, an advertisement aims at making the videos go viral. This may happen across numerous platforms outside of YouTube such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Press Release

A press release aims at announcing the existence or the launch of a particular video clip. To make use of it, you draft an article that attempts to explain the contents of the video you are about to release to the people. You distribute the contents via many channels and avenues for maximum reach.


These are the ways and means via which you make the contents of your advertising campaigns known to the masses. They include but are not limited to the other social media platforms, newsletters, and even the traditional television and print media. It is better though to stick to the YouTube platform for all distribution purposes.


We now narrow to some of the most common forms of YouTube promotions at your disposal:

Yo! Promotions

This is a legitimate business that provides the YouTube Boost services. The business provides social media advertising, posting, press releases, and distributions. It works mainly with the independent musicians and the artists to actualize this end. Its pricing is largely a matter of negotiations and consensus between the parties to the advertising deal.


PushViews confers its services on a weekly basis and provides thousands of views that start from $10 and higher. Through its higher tiers, it also provides social media promotions, and search engine optimization services at greatly discounted rates. Its pricing is more competitive than that of the YouTube promotions.

YouTube Promoter

It is by far the oldest and the most popular YouTube promo service available. This service provides guaranteed results with 1,000 views and 50 likes. Its pricing starts at around $15. Perhaps its most serious limitation is that it provides almost nothing else besides the likes and the views.


Most impressions either views or likes never emanate from real persons. YouTube has a mechanism to tell whether the impression is from a real person or not. To be on the safe side, you have to leverage the services of a collaborator. This is basically a firm that engages in the hunt for real people to view and like your videos.

Here now are the benefits of using a YouTube collab as a way of reaching out to a potential client base:

Achieve real impressions

These institutions are involved in the hunt for real people to come and like or view your videos. Unlike many alternatives that rely on bots, they emphasize only real persons. The use of the collabs hence negates the issues that come with the bots and lead to realistic interactions.

Uphold your integrity on YouTube

As explained earlier, YouTube has a way via which it may track and crack down on fake viewers, subscribers, and impressions. Given that these collabs emphasize real persons, your use of them has a way of upholding your integrity and overall standing on YouTube.

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Receive a stable inflow of revenue

With real impressions come the real revenue inflows. The explanation behind this is somewhat simple. You get real people to watch your videos and click your adverts. That way, they bring in real revenue as opposed to a situation in which you receive artificial impressions from bots and algorithms.

Synergize and collaborate with others

Lastly, these companies may also hook you up with other players in the media industry. Through this cooperation, you get to synergize and collaborate with them. The benefits of these collaborations straddle far and wide as it also leads to an increase in the quality of the videos so produced.

Our round-up of the YouTube promotion services comes to an end there. We are now truly confident that you have the preparedness you need to appreciate this topic better. How about you now going ahead and utilizing these platforms in the best ways you know how?

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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