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A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Beds



A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Beds

Are you having difficulty sleeping at night?

If so, the culprit might be with your bed! You might need to take time with choosing a bed that’ll help you sleep better.

But what are the different types of beds that you should consider? How do you know the bed types that’ll work best for your needs?

We’ve prepared this short bed buying guide so you can make the best decision for your needs.

Here’s what you need to know:

Wall Beds

Also known as “Murphy Beds,” this is a unique type of bed that’s great for singles.

You’ll also find that this is often one of the best bed types for comfort. You might find that this is the bed that’ll help improve your sleep habits.

You can look into IKEA wall beds to find the ideal option for you. You can test out these wall beds before committing to one.

Day Beds

This is also known as a “sofa bed.” This is ideal if you’re a single person who lives in a studio apartment.

During the day, this serves as a comfortable sofa that can seat 2 or 3 people. At night, you can convert this to a bed that works for one person. You can add a second person, but it’s likely not as comfortable.

This is a great bed to choose from if you have a small space and don’t want your room to get cluttered. It’s also great if you want to have guests over and you don’t have a spare bedroom.

These are also comfortable beds and have a reputation for improving sleep habits.


This is a standard large bed that works great for singles and couples. These are the ones that you’ll find in a standard room in a luxury hotel.

It’s a thick mattress that works for raised beds. If you don’t have difficulty climbing up on a bed, then this is what you’ll want to consider. It’s not ideal if you have any mobility issues.

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This is a wide mattress that’s standard in many luxury hotels.

It’s great for both singles and couples. As a single person, this is the ideal bed if you toss and turn. It’s also ideal if you like to sprawl on a bed while you sleep.

For most people, these are the most comfortable types of beds. You’ll also find that this is the type of bed that’ll last for several years.

These Are the Different Types of Beds

Now you can choose from these different types of beds to decide which is the ideal option for your needs.

If you live on your own, you might find a wall bed to be the ideal option. It’s an underrated bed and works to improve your sleep habits. Day beds are also great for sleep habits and for offering a bed to guests.

If you want a bed that you can climb on, then you’ll love a Queen bed. A King bed works best if you prefer a bed that’s low to the ground and needs lots of space.

You can find a few more bed buying guides on our website!

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