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A Homebuyer’s Guide to the Best Places to Live in Massachusetts



Homebuyer Guide

The resident population in Massachusetts is growing at a rate double that of the previous decade. It’s the fastest in the Northeast. If you’re considering moving to Massachusetts, then you need to start with some of the best places to live in Massachusetts.

You should look for an area that provides plenty of career opportunities, is safe, and has the amenities you desire. It should also be within your budget.

Check out these cities and towns and consider some of the best places in Massachusetts to live.


The city of Hopkinton consistently ranks as one of the best cities in Massachusetts. It’s a suburb of Boston and is considered a top place to raise a family. There are plenty of places for outdoor hiking, walking, and biking.

This diverse town is considered one of the safest suburbs and has a top-rated school system.


If you’re looking for work, then Gloucester is a great place to live. The unemployment is low, there are plenty of amenities, and the school system is above average. What makes it stand out is that it’s a more affordable place to live than other surrounding areas.


The housing market in Medford is plentiful for both buying and renting. It has a high livability score, making it diverse and safe. There are also plenty of employment opportunities.

What’s nice about Medford is that it caters to residents of all ages. There’s an above-average school system for families. There are plenty of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues.


One of the most in-demand areas is Woburn. This can make the housing costs higher than the other options on this list. However, there’s a reason so many people want to live here. It has a high safety rating, is diverse, and has excellent public schools.


If you’re looking for nightlife and enjoy going out, then consider Waltham. It’s close to Boston, making commuting easy. Plus, it’s home to two universities, making the population younger.

You’ll find plenty of theaters, parks, bars, and restaurants. This makes it ideal for those who are active and love to get out and socialize.


This city of Chelsea is on the smaller side at just two square miles. However, don’t mistake its size for lack of desirability. If you’re considering where to live in Massachusetts, put this culturally rich town on your list.

You can find homes for sale that are affordable. There are also plenty of options, from renovated to new and single-family to multi-family homes.

Consider the Best Places to Live in Massachusetts

If you’re considering moving to this northeast state, then consider one of the best places to live in Massachusetts. They offer you plenty of opportunities, safe places to live, rich culture, and plenty of amenities.

Visit each city and town in person. When you find the right community, you’ll feel comfortable and at home.

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