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A Brief Look at the Evolution of Modern Outerwear



Modern Outerwear

21st-century outfit ideas are constantly evolving with the influence of contemporary culture. Today, modern outerwear reigns supreme in almost every streetwear subgenre. High-tech materials and textiles have been developed to keep up with people’s active lifestyles. Throughout the years, outerwear has evolved and exceeded conventional expectations.

For outdoor enthusiasts, outdoor gear and apparel are lifelines and essential tools for survival. For streetwear enthusiasts, however, outerwear is a fashion staple for different outfit ideas. With the rising demand from both sides of the spectrum, retail companies are designing outerwear pieces that are both high-tech and fashionable so they can cater to a larger consumer demographic.

Unbeknownst to many, however, the types of outerwear we know and love today are far from what they looked like in the past. The use of outerwear was rather more straightforward and rudimentary to the survival of our species. They were used by our ancestors as a form of protection from extreme weather conditions that would otherwise wipe the existence of the human race.

In prehistoric times, our ancestors used nature as their source of materials. They were typically worn as body wraps and were draped across the body like capes. Though our ancestors did not have the same technology that we do today, they efficiently used the available resources to come up with outerwear that can protect them in harsh environments.

Textile Evolution

Today, though our technology to process and develop advanced types of outerwear materials may be miles away from the past, it remains true to its original purpose of providing basic protection. It continues to be a reliable tool for survival in extreme weather conditions and provides an additional touch of individuality for different modern outfit ideas.

With companies competing for the highest quality, numerous materials that can cater to different types of applications are now available in the market. Fashion and retail companies are also releasing different kinds of designs and colorways for a more diverse range of consumers. Outerwear has also become synonymous with high-end fashion with different collaborations between outdoor apparel companies and luxury brands.

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3 Modern Variations of Outerwear

We’ve certainly come a long way from outerwear made of animal skin and fur. Today, outerwear is now considered a perfect balance between fashion and survival. There are now numerous kinds of modern outerwear fit for different types of activities and outfit ideas. If you want to know what are the most popular types of modern outerwear today, read on as we’ve listed 3 the most common ones for you.

Windbreakers– Considered as one of the most fashionable and versatile types of outerwear, windbreakers typically come in many different colorways and designs. They are much lighter than the common jackets and are the perfect choice for windy and rainy weather.

Insulated Jackets– Down or insulated jackets are designed to maintain body temperature on cold winter days. Many outdoor companies have also designed modern versions of this outerwear to be water-resistant to make them more reliable in extreme weather conditions.

Packable Jackets– These types of modern outerwear are made to be easily packed and pulled out for drastic weather changes. They are usually lightweight and waterproof and are designed with high-end textiles for optimum performance. They are also very fashionable and can easily be coordinated with different outfit ideas.

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