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A Better Point of Hue: 6 Benefits of Maintenance Painting



When was the last time your repainted your building? Painting isn’t something business owners often think about–they’re usually more focused on things like growing your brand or improving morale.

Many people don’t realize that maintenance painting can help accomplish those goals as well as several others.

What is maintenance painting? It’s the process of adding a new coat of paint to your building at regular intervals to maintain your paint job’s integrity. It’s just like other forms of preventative maintenance.

Maintenance painting can offer your building–and the people who work there–a wide variety of benefits. It does a lot more than just improve the way your building looks.

Keep reading to learn six major benefits of maintenance painting.

1. A More Inviting Building

One of the most obvious reasons for maintenance painting is that a fresh coat of paint looks great. Nothing makes your building look cleaner and more inviting than freshly painted walls.

That immaculate appearance pays off, too–people are more likely to visit your business when it looks its best. A fresh coat of paint can bring in new customers.

It helps with customer retention, too. If someone comes to your building only to find peeling paint and dingy walls, they probably won’t come back.

A fresh coat of paint, on the other hand, helps you make a perfect first impression. People entering your building for the first time will notice how slick your walls look, and that will stick with them.

A proper maintenance painting schedule will keep your building looking great at all times.

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2. Protect Your Walls

Repainting is a great way to keep your facility sturdy and safe. A fresh coat of paint can help protect your walls from harmful environmental effects like water or sun damage.

Exterior paint is one of the main ways your building stands up to weather damage, so maintenance painting is a key part of keeping your facility safe!

Whether inside or outside, your paint takes a lot of wear and tear. That leads to chipping or peeling paint, which looks bad and leaves the material underneath vulnerable to further damage.

Regular paint maintenance covers up any damaged spots, restoring a clean look and adding a new layer of protection.

When you hire painting specialists, you can request special wall coatings with antimicrobial properties and other benefits. That leads to a safer building for everyone!

3. A Better Work Environment

Paint maintenance isn’t just good for your walls and your customers; it’s good for your employees, too. A clean, fresh environment is much more comfortable to work in.

By staying on top of your maintenance painting, you’re emphasizing to your employees that you care about your workspace. That encourages them to take care of the building, too.

Not only will maintenance painting encourage employees to take pride in the building, but it will also raise their morale. A fresh look is always invigorating, and you can use color psychology to your advantage, too.

Color psychology is the study of how color affects people’s moods. You can use certain paint colors to subtly encourage productivity in your office.

If you’re finding that a particular color isn’t having the desired effect–or you simply don’t like the way it looks–you can always change colors the next time you perform paint maintenance.

4. Meet Regulations

In some cases, maintenance painting may be an actual requirement. Some areas have regulations regarding how frequently your building needs to be repainted.

Depending on where your building is, a regular maintenance painting schedule can keep you out of legal trouble on top of all the other benefits it offers.

Even if there are no rules about how often you need to repaint, there may be regulations about the kinds of paint you need to use. The most obvious example is regulations around lead paint.

Paint maintenance helps you get rid of those lead paint issues safely.

It’s also a good opportunity to repaint any lines or symbols your building uses to indicate hazards. This helps keep your building in line with OSHA standards.

5. Improve Your Building’s Value

Repainting is useful even if you aren’t going to stay in the building. If you’re looking to sell your building, a new coat of paint is an easy way to increase your office’s value.

In the same way that fresh paint impresses customers, it will also make a good impression on potential buyers. People are more likely to be interested in a building that looks clean and well-maintained.

Painting your exterior boosts your curb appeal; a freshly painted building will draw the eye, getting more people in the door. Once inside, your clean, colorful walls will leave a great impression.

Since a maintenance painting routine also helps prevent damage to your walls, you’ll have fewer renovations to make before selling, saving you money while also improving your building’s value.

6. Change Your Style

Sometimes, repainting is about more than repair; it’s about giving your space a brand-new look. There are many reasons you might want to do that in your work environment.

First of all, there’s the color psychology we mentioned earlier. You can change the entire feel of your workplace by altering the colors of your walls, increasing morale and productivity.

Second, there’s the possibility that your company is going through a rebranding phase. Have you recently changed your logo or introduced a new range of products or services? Repainting can reflect that.

It’s also possible that you simply don’t like the way your building looks. In that case, repainting is a simple, inexpensive way to change things up and bring the building in line with your tastes.

The Value of Maintenance Painting

Maintenance painting is a vital, yet often overlooked form of preventative maintenance. By taking advantage of maintenance painting, you keep your building in great shape, which benefits your employees and customers alike.

A new paint job is a great way to revamp your office environment, but it’s not the only way to make your building more inviting. Visit our business blog for more ideas on upgrading your office space!

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