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A Beginners Guide to Buying a Boat: Essential Items You Need to Check



Did you know that 26% of America’s total population engages in recreational boating at least once a year? Not to mention, there are over 25 million recreational boat owners.

You’ve probably been on a boat before, but did you own the boat you graced with your presence? Probably not as only 12% of total households own recreational boats.

It’s time to change that! Keep reading to learn what you need to know about buying a boat.

Buying a Boat: The Process

There are different variables when it comes to buying a boat. You’ll have to consider a lot of things, especially as a first-time boat buyer.

This is the likely process you’ll go through when shopping for a vessel:

  • Choose a boat type and budget
  • Consider new vs. used
  • Browse online listings or attend a boat show
  • Narrow down your options and arrange visits
  • Conduct a sea trial and survey

Depending on where you buy the boat from, you might be able to negotiate a better deal for yourself.

First-Time Boat Buying Tips

If you are looking for advice about buying a boat, this is where our experience will come in handy. Of course, don’t depend too much on what other people think when buying a boat, it’s best to consider your personal needs.

One of the most important things to consider when you purchase a boat is the kind of sailing you plan to do in the present and future. It’s helpful to get on a lot of boats to make an informative decision.

Although price is likely to be a factor, don’t compromise too much on the essentials.

Spend a lot of time checking the boat even if you are buying new. Take pictures of the vessel and ask the right questions.

Keep in mind that the bigger the boat, the bigger the maintenance requirements. Make sure you have the budget for more than the initial purchase.

Boat Buying Checklist

One of the most important steps in the boat buying process is an inspection and sea trial. When choosing a boat, you should take the brand and history into account.

You’ll also want to make note of each of these areas during your inspection:

  • Engine
  • Electrical
  • Exterior condition
  • Interior condition
  • Safety equipment
  • Owner’s manual and legal documents

Don’t let something like propeller efficiency stop you from buying a boat that has everything else on your wish list. This is one factor that has a simple solution.

Ask the seller about any known issues to ensure there isn’t something about the boat that is going to cost you additional cash in the future.

Buy a Boat and Set Sail!

No matter what activities you are buying a boat for, this is the guide that can help you through the process.

First, you’ll want to choose a vessel type and create a manageable budget. From there, you can research to make a list of possible options, see them in person, and conduct sea surveys.

Consider your needs before anyone else’s and don’t forget to check specific components before agreeing to a deal.

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