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9 Interesting Facts About the Cannabis Plant



Cannabis Plant

Did you know that 67% of Americans believe that the cannabis plant should be legalized? Many states have already made great leaps towards legalization, but the US still has a ways to go.

Research is, unfortunately, limited of marijuana plants, but we do know some interesting facts about cannabis.

Keep reading to find out these interesting facts!

1. Many Names for Cannabis

The cannabis plant has accumulated many nicknames over the years. It provides an excellent opportunity for puns for strains, such as laughing grass. Check out the Harvest House of Cannabis for more strains!

Since it was illegal for a long time, names like weed, pot, grass, Mary Jane, hash, reefer, and dope have all sprung up over the years.

2. Shakespeare Smoked Mary Jane

There were traces of cannabis found in William Shakespeare’s home. It is a widespread belief that weed was part of his inspiration for all of his writing. They found eight pipes in his house that had the same chemical residue as cannabis.

3. Weed Was the First Online Sale

In 1970, some students bought a bag of weed from a neighboring university. Unfortunately, the substance was illegal at the time.

4. Not All Cannabis Is Psychoactive

There are many chemical compounds in the cannabis plant. The psychoactive compound is called THC and gives the user the infamous high.

However, CBD is a chemical compound that does not produce that high, and studies have found that it provides many medical benefits. CBD can help with depression, anxiety, muscle recovery, and much more. Check with your doctor if CBD is right for you.

5. You Can’t Overdose on Cannabis

You can take too much cannabis. Even though there are many benefits of cannabis, there are also some drawbacks when you take too much, primarily THC.

However, you cannot lethally overdose. It is practically impossible to take too much cannabis to die of overdoses.

6. Cannabis Has a Long History

The earliest findings of cannabis are in a 10,000-year-old Taiwan archaeological site. There is no evidence that it was smoked. However, it showed that hemp strands were used as rope.

In China, the Pen Ts’ao, written by an emperor in 2800 BC, stated that cannabis has potent medicinal properties.

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7. Marijuana Has Many Applications

Hemp is an incredible renewable resource used in building, clothing, beauty products, and much more. As more research is conducted, experts are finding multiple applications for hemp beneficial to both our health and the environment.

8. Marijuana Is Addictive

Even though it is uncommon, prolonged use of cannabis can cause dependence. The withdrawal symptoms can include irritability, headaches, and depression.

9. Cannabis Is Both Relaxing and Invigorating

There are many strains in the cannabis plant. Like the Indica strain, some strains are more relaxing, while others, like Sativa, can give you energy. Be careful when you

Do You Know Any More Facts About the Cannabis Plant?

As you can see, the cannabis plant has a long history with many exciting benefits and facts. From Chinese emperors to Shakespeare, cannabis has popped up in history across the ages. Luckily, scientists are taking it upon themselves to conduct more research every day!

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James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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