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9 Family Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day



Family Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. While many would celebrate this day with their significant other, many would also prefer to spend it with the family.

So, skip the expensive dinner for two, and pick a few items from an online party store to celebrate this occasion with the kids. From kitchen activities to fun craft classes, these family activities are sure to spread the love.


1. Family Baking

Split the family into two teams and let everyone participate in the bake-off challenge. Bake some cookies, red velvet gooey bars, chocolate doughnuts or some Valentine’s Day pretzels. Whatever you fancy, don’t forget to garnish with love.

Create a Surprise

Ask the kids to help you prepare a surprise for your spouse. Create a happy Valentine’s Day banner, decorated with photos of the whole family. You may also encourage the kids to prepare a lunch or a snack that dad can bring to work. Be creative and let it be a fun activity with the kids.

Lunch Party

Get the children involved in preparing and hosting a family Valentine’s Day lunch. Grab a few décor items from an online party store to set-up the place. Simple décor, some finger food and a few easy-to-make desserts are all you need for a fun family party.

Game Night

Turn off your phones and iPads and get everybody playing during a Valentine game night. Bring out the Scrabble and Snakes and Ladders, or go for the newer table games like Tenzi and Bounce-Off. Either way, encourage everyone to participate in the fun.

Get Outside

Valentine’s Day celebration with the family doesn’t always have to be indoors. Enjoy the outdoors—go for a hike or a picnic at the park. You can also prepare some handcrafted Valentine cards to take to the shelter or nursing home. Pair them with treats you had during the family baking, and you’ll spread the love to everyone.

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Create a Scrapbook

This could be the perfect time to start a family tradition. Gather photos from the previous years and compile them to create a scrapbook. Decorate with stickers and colours to make it a fun activity with the kids. What better day to look back on fun family memories than Valentine’s Day?

Movie Night

Pick a fun movie for the whole family to watch. Prepare some popcorn and drinks to munch on while you Netflix and chill with the fam. Here’s a list of epic family Valentine’s Day movies to get you started.

Family Date

Valentine dates don’t always have to be about romance. Let this be a time to celebrate love with the whole family. Get everyone dressed up and then pick a restaurant that you have never tried before. Try something different like having a chocolate fondue where everyone can enjoy dipping cake and strawberries on a melted pot of chocolate.

Express Gratitude

Many workers in the community do their jobs to make our lives easier and safer. Valentine’s Day is a great way to give away homemade cookies and treats to civil workers like firemen, policemen, street sweepers and others who do not receive much recognition for their hard work.

There are so many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a family way. The main objective here is to celebrate this very special day full of love and make it a lasting memory beyond what flower and chocolates can give.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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