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9 Benefits of Having a Degree in Education



9 Benefits of Having a Degree in Education

Surveys show that, back in the 1970s, one-fifth of American students majored in education. Today, students seem more inclined to prefer science-related credentials for advancing their careers. Thus, we have penned this article to explain the benefits of having a degree in education. How does majoring in this teaching-related field affect your career? Well, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that teachers are paid $60,000 annually on average while education is one of the most respected vocations in the United States. Let’s dig deeper into why a degree in education is worth your time in 2022.

The merits of majoring in education

It’s become a tradition to major in science-related subjects such as medicine and engineering. But a student shouldn’t ignore the importance of obtaining a degree in education. Statistics from 2014 indicate that over 60% of students majoring in economics/accounting receive at least one job offer by the time they have graduated. However, these trends are slowly changing as students prefer easier and shorter degrees for building their careers.

A career in education will help you climb the ladder of success and eventually become an influential policymaker in the industry. A teacher is the backbone of our glorious nation today, as over 60% of Americans remember how a teacher influenced them the most! Great teachers create great societies, and students have the option in 2022 to go with education as their major and reshape their lives. Therefore, this article focuses on the merits of attaining a degree in education. Here’s why you should go with education as a subject:

  1. Renew your license

Teachers shouldn’t forget that earning higher degrees in education will improve their credentials. A teacher’s credentials are important to their career-making endeavors. But many teachers complain of being too busy to continue their education. Well, e-learning courses have allowed you to obtain a master’s degree in only twelve months! Search for “masters in education online programs 1 year” for honing your credentials efficiently. These universities help students remotely finish this degree in merely one year, after which you may pursue a doctorate in education if you desire.

  1. Enhanced teaching skills

How can you become a better teacher? The answer involves seeking a degree in education that shall allow you to become better at educating people. This degree helps people understand the impact of different teaching strategies. You can easily improve your teaching acumen and discover the science of teaching students. A degree in education promises that you are well-equipped with all the know-how you need to teach a classroom. Earn this distinction to kickstart your teaching career.

  1. Find your specialty

Earning a master’s degree in education allows you to focus on your specialty and realize the setting in which you shine as a teacher. Learn that not every teacher can educate every single classroom. A teacher should realize if they are good at dealing with toddlers, teaching high-schoolers, or handling a room filled with grown-ups. Moreover, some educators opt for online learning or TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Test yourself by finding your specialty.

  1. Keep yourself competitive

We know that every vocation has become riddled with competition, and people must keep pushing themselves to stay relevant in every field. The same goes for educators who must stay updated with better teaching practices being introduced in this discipline. Remember that you won’t be able to secure a decent position in the discipline of education without obtaining a higher degree. So, keep honing your academic expertise after earning a bachelor’s degree.

  1. Create a difference

Don’t forget that teachers create a difference in the lives of their students. You can rekindle the love of learning in the hearts and allow underperforming students to become better students. This degree shows you how people can be taught and which teaching methods are more effective at dealing with particular varieties of students.

  1. Better job opportunities

It’s a no-brainer that getting a degree in education makes you eligible for employment opportunities in this discipline. For instance, a BLS webpage expects the high-school teaching vocation to grow by 8% this decade. It means that 77,000+ high school teaching jobs will be available each year for those with the requisite education. That’s why earning a bachelor’s degree, at least in education, can allow you to claim these job openings. Seek better career-making options with a degree in education!

  1. Develop leadership qualities

Earning a degree in education allows teachers to develop their leadership capabilities. We suggest a teacher pursue education as a major to become a leader in this discipline. That’s how you can easily climb the ladder of success in this industry and become policymaking for your local academia. You can gain confidence now in your abilities as an educator, after which you’ll keep honing your capabilities in this discipline.

  1. More hands-on experience

Have you quit after obtaining a master’s degree in education? We suggest you keep pursuing higher education for your growth properly. Earning a master’s degree today will give you some hands-on experience in dealing with a classroom. In this degree, you’ll be put into real-life situations to judge your academic expertise. Moreover, the students enrolled in a master’s degree experience different varieties of classrooms. That’s how you can develop yourself as an educator easily.

  1. Earn more money

Educators can earn more money by pursuing higher degrees in this discipline. We suggest students at least apply for teaching jobs with a master’s degree to make themselves more appealing to their future employers. If you have focused on your specialty during your education, then it improves your chances of getting hired swiftly. So, don’t neglect the chances of seeking a higher income when pursuing a better education degree.




As you know, a degree in education can offer you various benefits. It helps you become more competitive, earn more money, and create a difference in the lives of your students. Obtaining a higher degree in education also allows you to develop leadership qualities and get more hands-on experience. If you want to pursue a teaching career, we suggest you at least get a bachelor’s degree in education.

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