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8 Tips to Improve Office Building Security



Did you know that over one million burglaries occur in the US every year, with 85% of burglaries being committed by amateurs?

The last thing you want, as a business owner, is an amateur burglar breaking in and taking off with your valuable items. Although farfetched, this could be a reality if you don’t take the right steps to keep such intruders at bay.

Office buildings are a prime target for criminals because they can gain access to a lot of cash, valuable information, and items. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to improve office building security and protect your business from intruders. If you don’t know how, we’re here to help.

In today’s post, we’ll be highlighting a couple of incredible tips on improving your office building’s security

1. Hire Security Guards

Hiring security guards is one of the best ways to keep your business premises safe from intruders. Security guards are highly trained professionals who know how to handle a security breach, keeping you and your office building safe.

Not only will security guards deter criminals from breaking into your office, but they’ll also be able to monitor activity on the premises and act accordingly if they spot something suspicious.

In fact, the mere presence of security guards can deter criminals from doing their dirty work.

2. Install a Monitored Security System

If you can’t afford to have security guards on your payroll, you should consider installing a monitored security system. For a one-off payment, you can have this security system monitor your premises 24/7 and alert you in case of any suspicious activity.

A monitored security system will give you peace of mind, knowing that your office is being protected even when you’re not there. Not to mention, it’ll also reduce your insurance premiums because insurers see this as a way to mitigate risk.

These days, monitored security systems can transmit emergency alerts straight to your phone. Some can even notify the local authorities for prompt action.

Talk to security professionals like Wye Security Solutions for state-of-the-art security system installation.

3. Install CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras allow you to keep your eyes on the premises even when you’re miles away. That way, you can monitor activity in and around your office building, keeping an eye out for any suspicious behavior.

CCTV cameras act as a visual deterrent to criminals. They’ll be less likely to try to rob your office if they spot CCTV cameras. Not to mention, if a break-in does occur, you’ll have footage of the criminal that you can use to help identify and catch them.

Make sure to install CCTV cameras in all strategic locations, such as near entry and exit points, in hallways, and around office equipment. You should also consider getting a CCTV system that comes with night vision so you can monitor activity even in low light.

4. Lock Important Documents in Cabinets

Not all burglaries are attempts to steal cash or other valuable items. Some business rivals stage robberies to gain access to sensitive company information. To prevent this, ensure you lock all sensitive documents in your cabinets.

5. Use a Laptop Lock

Most office buildings have communal areas where employees can store their laptops when they’re not using them.

If this is the case in your office, make sure these laptops are locked up when they’re not in use. That way, you can prevent unauthorized access to company information.

A laptop lock works just like a physical lock. It works by connecting a metal cable to a universal slot and looping it around the laptop, then tying it to an immovable object. That way, no one can open or take your laptop when you’re not looking.

Some laptop locks have keys, while others use a combination lock. The latter works better because it’s easy to lose a physical key.

6. Install Effective Lighting

Most break-ins and robberies happen during the late evening or at night. This is because criminals can take advantage of the darkness to hide from the public eye.

To prevent this, make sure your office building is well-lit, both inside and out. Install motion sensor lights so they’ll turn on automatically when someone approaches the premises. You should also consider getting security lighting with a timer to schedule when the lights will go on and off.

Effective lighting will deter criminals and also make it easier for you to spot suspicious activity.

7. Buy a Robust Safe for Your Cash

If you handle hard cash, it’s essential to store it in a safe and secure space, preferably a safe. This will prevent criminals from accessing your cash should they break into your office.

When buying a safe, make sure to get one made of solid steel and has a thick door. It should also be heavy enough so it can’t be carried away. Also, make sure you bolt the safe to the floor so criminals can’t pick it up and take off with it.

In addition to keeping your cash safe, you should also have a system for regularly depositing the money into the bank. That way, you won’t have large sums of cash sitting in your office, making it a more attractive target for criminals.

8. Conduct Regular Security Checks

Even if you have all the security measures in place, it’s important to regularly check that everything works as it should. Test your alarm system to make sure it’s triggered when it’s supposed to be.

You should also conduct regular checks of your CCTV cameras to make sure they’re recording properly. If you spot any broken equipment, make sure to get it fixed or replaced immediately.

What’s more, you’d want to do regular security sweeps of your office, especially after hours. This will help you spot any potential security risks and take measures to fix them before criminals exploit them.

Improve Office Building Security Today

Use the above office building security tips and sidestep burglars and intruders for good. Remember, security starts with you, so stay extra vigilant and don’t let down your guard. Burglaries and break-ins have no place in your business.

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