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8 Tips for Succesful Moving Out Sale



Did you know that around 25% of people in the United States have a problem with clutter?

Holding onto certain items might be practical in some cases, but many people don’t realize how much stuff they have until they move.

If If you’re uncovering endless boxes, you should learn how to have a moving out sale.

Continue reading to discover the best tips for planning a moving out sale that will help you reduce clutter before a big move!

1. Pick the Best Days & Times

One of the best tips for a moving out sale is to select the best timeframes to be open.

The weekends are ideal for estate sales since most people aren’t working and kids are out of school. Saturdays and Sundays are often the busiest days for moving sales but you can also take advantage of Thursday and Friday afternoons.

A lot of people that go to yard sales tend to wake up early to get the best items. Be prepared for an early morning, the best time to open is around 9 or 10 AM. If you’re selling items over the weekend, the best hours are in the mornings and afternoons.

If you don’t have a garage, you may also want to look at the anticipated weather during your sale. Unexpected rain can ruin your sale and items, which is why you need a backup plan.

2. Check Your Collectibles

Have you been holding onto a special collection of dolls, figurines, or cards, hoping for a big paycheck?

Unfortunately, not all of these collectibles ended up being worth the hype, and they are valued low. Whether you have Beanie Babies or coins, look into their value before putting them out for sale. Many people later regret giving away items that were worth thousands of dollars.

If you have the original packaging and the products are in excellent condition, you’re more likely to make some money. If your collectibles have been damaged or opened, they might not add much cash to your wallet.

3. Stay Organized

From finding items to selling them and placing them on the tables, you should focus on organization.

When your items are organized, it’s easier for them to get sold since they’re in a logical order. Some people get disinterested when belongings are placed all over the place and they can easily overlook something they need.

It helps to keep clothing, kitchen items, and decor in separate places. Take a look at all of the items you want to sell and start sorting them into groups a few nights before the sale. Setting up tables and shelves can also improve organization and increase sales.

Don’t forget to have a system for tracking purchases and holding money on the day of the sale either!

4. Get Help From Family & Friends

Asking for help with your estate sale is completely acceptable and encouraged.

Friends and family can help you sell items, especially if some of the belongings were once theirs. It’s common for children to get excited to participate since they can help collect money and earn money. If you’re moving out of state, this is a great chance to spend time together and reminisce over each sale.

Depending on everyone’s age and experience, you can have them do the most suitable jobs. Stocking, money collection, and answering questions are a few examples of responsibilities.

5. Get the Word Out

You can use social media, word of mouth, or signs to help advertise your moving sale.

Advertising is essential because if no one can find you or knows about the event, you won’t see the traffic you were hoping for. If your local community has a Facebook group, post in the group about your sale to draw in neighbors and increase sales. A lot of people make the mistake of not spreading the word and are disappointed by the turnout.

Let everyone you tell know that they can also spread the word. Make sure your social media posts can be shared as well, this is a great way of connecting with local people. If you’re involved in any community organizations, you can also inform your peers.

6. Use Stickers

Price tags are essential and although they can be time-consuming, you want to label everything.

Small round stickers are best because they can quickly get placed on items and you don’t have to worry about tying any strings. If you want to be organized, you can use different colored stickers to identify prices, otherwise, you can write the amount directly on them.

If you don’t label each item with a price, be prepared to tell every customer that’s interested in anything. Not only does this tip keep you more organized but it also prevents the headache of repeating yourself.

7. Stop by the Bank

Take a look at your price tags and consider what type of change you may need.

It helps to go to the bank and exchange larger bills for singles, fives, and tens. You may also want to get coins depending on your prices. This step is important since customers may leave if you can’t break their bills.

8. Donate What’s Left

The worst part about moving out sales is when it’s over and you still have items to take care of.

Instead of tossing them in the trash, you should donate what’s left. Ensure that each item is in good condition and can be accepted by the organization you want to donate to. You can prevent your belongings from going to landfills and give them life in another home.

Will You Be Prepare For Your Moving Out Sale?

Planning a moving out sale can be just as overwhelming as planning the move.

Although there’s some research and organization involved, it’s often worth it to host a sale before moving. Getting rid of clutter can make transporting your home simpler and less expensive. It’s also good to do moving-out sales since it can give items another chance at life and save your neighbors some money.

Make sure you read our blog for more info about moving out tips and finding your new home!

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