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8 Pergola Kit Ideas For an Empty Backyard Space



Pergola Kit

A Pergola is a minimal structure with four sturdy beams holding it up. An ordinary pergola is big of a structure, leaves a wide space and a high shell to cover overhead. This space can be anything for the outdoors.

A Pergola is elevated off the ground, as long as they have a surface to sit on. This outdoor structure is evident, it is the first thing you can spot when entering your garden, or backyard. A Pergola is aesthetic and comes with various designs, styles, and colors. 

Now, where do you put a pergola? How do you maximize the use of pergola kits? How do you match your kit in the space you allotted for it? Will it crowd the space or aesthetically give it more character?

As a fast-rising trend in the home living community, Pergola kits are a hit to anyone who wants to create a space in their backyard. Let me share some Pergola Kits to spice up your space.

  • Dura-Trel Queensbrook Pergola

Let us start with a simple pergola kit. This pergola kit is simple, clean, and white. Covering 115” of space, this pergola kit can allow a lounge under it for summertime. This pergola barely rusts, rot, peel, or warp over time. And the metal anchors make the pergola strong and steady on a windy day.

  • Handy Home Products Brezina

A pergola made of premium cedar wood looks natural and earthy in your backyard. This material makes the pergola decay-resistant and insect infestation. The difference between using metal for the roof of a pergola and using wood is the thickness of the material. Wood is thicker, thus, stronger for any weather.

  • Paragon Outdoor Valencia Pergola

From wood carved pergola to aluminium framed pergola kit, the Paragon Outdoor Valencia Pergola comes with a convertible top. Like a car opening its hood, the convertible pergola can be a shade of an open-air roof for stargazing, or simply to let some sun in. an extra powder coated finish gives an extra layer of protection from all the elements.

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  • Steel Pergola Gazebo Outdoor Patio Shelter

Next on our list is a steel pergola kit. With its contemporary design, the Steel Pergola Gazebo gives off a rustic feel to it. This kit is easy to assemble and situate in your backyard, or any outdoor space. Plants in pots or aerial plants are encouraged around this pergola kit. Leave it to grow climbing the pergola, giving it a more nature-look.

  • Backyard Discovery Laguna Cabana Pergola

For the minimalist inside of you, here is the Backyard Discovery Laguna Cabana Pergola kit. This choice of exotic wood material is rare. This is also perfect for the corners of your backyard. It leaves you with a sense of alone time and serenity, your very own room but outdoor. This pergola is designed carefully with evenly spaced cedarwood. The cushion keeps it comfortable to be in, a space you can stay in for hours if you please.

  • Best Choice Products Outdoor Gazebo

Not to be confused with a tent, but this pergola kit is an excellent choice for anyone who is starting to experiment in outdoor spaces. This kit includes a hard top roof for extra protection from direct sunlight. This pergola lets you have that space for relaxation underneath its sunray-protected cool air. Assemble in your furniture which is easy for a wide space provided by the pergola. The zippered bug and net keep any insect out, which is another layer of protection.

  • Better Homes and Gardens Meritmoor Aluminum Pergola Kit

A bit different from the list, this pergola is stylish with or without a shade. The smooth gliding tracks allow you to switch from shade to open space in no time. You can have this beside your pool for easy sunbathing for the perfect sun-kissed skin. The combination of aluminum and steel material for its frame makes this pergola indestructible. 

  • Yardistry Pergola with Sunshade and Bar

One recommended kit is the Yardistry Pergola with Sunshade and Bar. this pergola may require more space than the other pergola kits. Presented in an elegant timber satin, and complete cedar lumber. The roof has a removable sunshade roof available to any mood you want to go with. This pergola has an attached bar and shelf feature for any party and intimate gathering.

Pergola Kit Tip

Pergolas are great outdoor accessories. One can create a pergola out of scratch for a more personalized backyard shade. But easy to assemble pergola kits will give you the same sense of hard work but faster and with a manual. 

Know your space, and how wide your space is. Of course, you would not want to be spending all your time and money on a pergola that is either too big or too small for space.

Take your time to know what you want so you can enjoy your pergola time in the sun.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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