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8 Common Apartment Decorating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them



There are few things more dreaded than moving. Moving involves packing, cleaning, and making sure everything is ready for the distance to travel. It’s mentally and physically draining, and many people would much rather leave the job to professional movers.

Those who go into the move voluntarily should tread lightly and understand that switching locations brings along all sorts of common apartment decorating mistakes. Leaving them behind could save you money, time, and disappointments.

Take a moment to read this guide to understand how to avoid common apartment decorating mistakes. Let’s begin!

1. Don’t Neglect Your Walls

Your walls are like a blank canvas that you can use to add splashes of color, character, and style to your home. But, many people forget about their walls when decorating their apartments, and as a result, their apartments end up looking bland and boring.

If you want your apartment to stand out, don’t neglect your walls! Here are a few tips for wall decoration ideas.

Add Artwork

Art is a great way to add personality to your walls. Whether you choose to hang paintings, photographs, or prints, adding artwork is a surefire way to make your walls look amazing.

Paint Them

If you’re feeling really adventurous, why not paint your walls? This is a great way to add color and interest to your space. Just be sure to use paint that is suitable for your apartment’s walls.

Hang Tapestries

Tapestries are another great way to add character to your walls. They come in a wide variety of colors for decoration, patterns, and styles, so you’re sure to find one that fits your taste.

Add Shelving

Adding shelving, either built-in or freestanding, can give you additional storage space and help to keep your apartment looking neat and tidy.

2. Poor Lighting

Poor lighting can be a common apartment decoration mistake because this can be a result of not having enough light fixtures or not having the right kind of light fixtures. Poor lighting can make an apartment feel small, dark, and claustrophobic.

It can also make it difficult to see what you’re doing, which can be dangerous. To avoid this mistake, make sure you have plenty of light fixtures and that they’re the right kind for the space. You may also want to consider adding some mirrors to reflect light and make the space feel larger.

3. Not Enough Storage

Be aware of not having enough storage. This can be easily remedied by adding additional storage solutions such as baskets, and bins.

Another way to avoid this mistake is to declutter your home and reduce the number of belongings you have. This will not only make your space look tidier but will also make it feel more spacious.

Make sure to utilize all of the available storage space in your apartment including under the bed, in the closet, and in the bathroom.

4. Too Much Furniture

Having too much furniture can make a space feel cluttered and uncomfortable. When you first walk into a room, you should be able to move freely without having to maneuver around furniture.

To avoid this, be selective when choosing furniture for your apartment. Only choose pieces that you absolutely need and that will fit in the space.

Don’t try to cram too much furniture into a small space – it will only make the space feel smaller.

5. Overloading Accessories

Overloading accessories can be tempting to want to fill every nook and cranny with something, but this will only make your space look cluttered and busy. A few well-chosen pieces will be much more effective in creating a stylish and inviting space.

When choosing accessories, only select those that you really love and that will enhance your décor. Also, be sure to edit regularly, removing any pieces that are no longer working in your space.

6. Color Scheme & Coordination

Going too bold with the color scheme can compromise your apartment’s decor. Stick to two or three colors that complement each other, and use them throughout the space.

Another mistake is not coordinating the different elements in the space. Make sure the colors, furniture, and decor all work together to create a cohesive look.

7. Lack of Personality

Having a lack of personality can make your apartment look dull and lifeless. But, you can avoid it by adding personal touches to your living room decorations. Add photos of your friends and family, and personal items that reflect your interests and hobbies.

By adding these personal touches, your apartment will feel more like it is a part of who you are. This will be a home that reflects your unique personality.

8. Not Utilizing Vertical Space

Not utilizing vertical space can be a wasted opportunity, especially in smaller apartments where every square foot counts. You’re missing out on a chance to add storage, decor, and even functionality to your space.

The best strategy to do is to take inventory of what you have and what you need to store. Vertical space can be both decorative and functional purposes. You can get creative with how you can utilize that space. Shelves, hooks, and racks are also great ways to add storage without taking up too much space.

Custom solutions can often be the best way to make the most of your vertical space. You can also read more here and learn about the different functional decorations that every apartment owner should have.

Avoid Common Apartment Decorating Mistakes Today

Before you start decorating your apartment, be sure that you are mindful of only the things you need for function. Make the apartment feel like a home, not a space of random pieces of clutter.

The apartment should not feel overwhelming. Instead, it should make you feel relaxed after a long day at work once you come home.

Be as creative as you want, but be sure to follow these guides to help you avoid common apartment decorating mistakes and create a wonderful and dreamy home.

So, what are you waiting for? Decorate your apartment today!

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