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8 Accessory Ideas to Make Great First Impressions



8 Accessory Ideas to Make Great First Impressions

It takes only 27 seconds to make a good first impression. Everything from the way you smell to the smile on your face can leave a significant impact. To put your best foot forward when it comes to meeting new people, you’ll need to know what people are drawn to.

Besides the obvious, adorning yourself with the right accessories is a wonderful way of making a great first impression. It shows personality, style, and confidence. Since first impressions are everything, we’ve gathered 8 accessory ideas that are sure to leave a lasting impact on whoever you meet.

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  1. High-Quality Shoes

Unless you’re going for a quirky vibe, you wouldn’t wear casual tennis shoes with a suit. Just like you wouldn’t wear a stunning dress with some basic flip flops. The importance of high-quality shoes can’t be understated.

Everything from job interviews to social gatherings requires the right type of shoe. Not only should it be appropriate for the event but they shouldn’t be damaged or low-quality. The exception to that would be if you were wearing them to do some housework.

This doesn’t mean you need to be generic. It’s great to wear a well-tailored suit and matching shoes but you can make it unique by finding colors that are unconventional but work well. Instead of the usual black and brown shoes, maybe you find an interesting olive green – now that’s a way to stand out in someone’s memory.

Even if it isn’t a formal setting, you can show your personality with all different types of shoes. The key here is to coordinate with your outfit and take care of those expensive shoes so they last you a long time.

  1. Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry doesn’t only apply to women. Both men and women can wear jewelry that not only brings a whole outfit together but shows off your personality and leaves a lasting impression. You might be thinking “what exactly is statement jewelry?”

Statement jewelry is unique, bold, and helps portray who you are through a one of a kind piece. These pieces tend to grab a lot of attention so you’ll want to coordinate your outfit with care.

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Think of big earrings that are an unusual color or shape. Maybe a chunky necklace with a stone that isn’t commonly worn. If you see the jewelry and realize you’ve never seen an accessory like it before – it’s a statement piece.

  1. Stylish Glasses

Wearing glasses might seem like a drawback but people who wear them tend to be perceived positively. If you’re someone who wears glasses, you aren’t more limited, you have an advantage. Think of all the design options you have for glasses!

Instead of browsing online and hoping for the best, go to a store that sells eyeglasses and try everything out. Pay attention to the styles that suit your face shape. Don’t be afraid of testing things that you normally might not wear.

Even if you aren’t someone who needs to wear glasses, there are non-prescription options for you.

  1. The Right Watch

There is something so timeless about a wristwatch. They add a dose of elegance to any outfit and can show people that you’re dependable. Choosing the right watch might seem like a difficult task but it’s easier than you think.

Watches aren’t limited to men either! There are plenty of watches for women, both bold and delicate, that can add a unique flair to your outfit. People are sure to shower you with compliments.

Not only do you have a variety of options for watches but you can also choose between different watch bands. This is a great option if you aren’t looking for a new watch but want to spice up your old one.

  1. Cufflinks

Do you know what doesn’t get enough love? Cufflinks.

These are essentially earrings for your wrists and come in a variety of designs. Not only can it be made of stones and jewels but even little shapes. There are miniature coffee cup cufflinks, racecar cufflinks, and many other creative cufflinks that you can play with.

These are sure to leave a lasting impression by showing off your attention to detail and personality.

  1. Phone Case

How often are you on your phone? We don’t blame you if the answer is “pretty often”. If that’s the case, your phone can be a great way to show personality.

You’re already familiar with phone cases and how they’re great for protecting your phone in case you drop it. Did you also know that the right phone case can leave a great first impression on someone? With so many colors and designs to show off your personality, people will get a great idea of who you are by just glancing at your phone!

  1. Unique Scarves

We have got to show some love for winter accessories as well. Since the wintertime means most people will be seeing you bundled up, it’s trickier to accessorize and leave a lasting impression. The solution to that is unique scarves.

You’ll find scarves in all different styles, materials, and colors. Look for scarves that feel like you and will make you stand out.

  1. Hair Clips

Who knew something small could leave an impression as well? When you accessorize, you’re telling people that you pay attention to detail. The designs you choose are also indicative of who you are as a person so when you select unique accessories to adorn yourself with – it’s telling the world about the kind of individual you are.

Hair clips are an easy and fun way to leave a great first impression. You’ll be showing people that you take care of your hair and that you care about the little details.

Making the Best First Impressions

Think of all the people who have made a great first impression on you. What did they look like? What was their hairstyle?

There are many variables to great first impressions. People will form an opinion before you even speak! That’s why knowing how to leave a positive impact is important.

What many people don’t realize is that the right accessories can make you go from just another face in the crowd to standing out completely. Go ahead and mark your calendar for a shopping day, you’ll be making a great first impression in no time.

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James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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