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7 Common Reasons Aircon Fan Not Spinning



Aircon Fan

A fan that can work properly is the most important thing to have a great cooling system in an air conditioner. The condenser unit of your air conditioner employs a fan to circulate air across its coils and allows it to convert warm refrigerant gas into a cool liquid, which then is used to provide cool air for your home.

It is advisable to contact a professional HVAC specialist to thoroughly analyze the problem if you notice that the ac fan not working and the air conditioner is on but there is no cool air coming out. Your home won’t be cooled if the fan on your air conditioner breaks down before it is fixed. There are several reasons that can make your air conditioner’s fan not function properly, read on to learn what they are.

Power Issues

It might happen because there is a problem with the power circuit. Your air conditioner will stop working if the circuit breaker trips as a result of overheating. In this case, flipping the switch on the circuit breaker will be the key to troubleshooting this.

Bad Capacitor

A dead capacitor is one of the most typical reasons why fans in the aircon cease spinning. The fan motor and the remainder of the air conditioner unit are powered by small, cylindrical capacitors that transmit energy signals. Each air conditioner features a number of capacitors, including the start capacitor and the run capacitor, these two keep the motor going. Over time, capacitors can degrade and need to be replaced.

A faulty capacitor is one possible cause of your air conditioner fan stopping to function. The capacitor is a tiny, cylindrical component that fuels the motor of your air conditioner machine. It is in charge of turning on the unit and adding more power as necessary to keep it operating.

A broken capacitor can cause the air conditioner to have difficulties turning on properly, shut off on its own, stop blowing cold air or generate buzzing noises. With the use of a screwdriver or small stick, you can test whether the capacitor is broken or not. Slide the stick between the vents slowly and push the fan blade just a little. The capacitor is damaged if the fan turns on and continues to run on its own.

Broken Motor

In order to blow air through the air conditioner condenser coils, the condenser fan motor on your unit rotates the fan blades. By transforming heated refrigerant gas into a cool liquid, this process eventually produces cool air for your house. Your air conditioner unit’s fan may stop spinning due to a malfunctioning motor, which needs to be fixed or replaced right away because it will impair the functionality of the whole air conditioner system.

Contactor Problems

The air conditioner contactor is a tiny thing that regulates the flow of power through the machine. These components are in charge of conducting and limiting the electrical currents that instruct your air conditioner whether or not to run when you adjust the temperature on your thermostat.

Contactors frequently burn out as a result of regular wear and tear if the air conditioner system becomes too hot. When a contractor burns out, your system’s electrical flow is impeded and the air conditioner won’t get power, which prevents them from working. Additionally, contractors may get trapped in the “up” or “down” position. If contractors are trapped in the “up” position, it will prevent electrical flow between components. If the contractor is stuck in the “down” position, it will keep power flowing to respective parts even after the cooling cycle is scheduled to stop.

If your aircon fan stopped spinning, it’s possible that the reason is that the contactors controlling the electricity to your air conditioner fan are burnt out or locked in the “up” position. Your contractors must be properly maintained in order to remain functional.

Broken Belt

The majority of the new air conditioners use direct motors rather than a belt arrangement. However, a faulty belt may be to blame for your fan not functioning properly, if you have old air conditioner systems. Air conditioner belts are more prone to tearing, fraying, and other types of damage as they get older. Your belt will make odd clanging, clicking, or harsh squeaking noises if it has worn out. Your system’s components, including the aircon fan, won’t function properly if the belt is broken.

Broken Fan Blades

Damaged fan blades are yet another factor that could be to blame for your air conditioner fan not working. The fan blades can usually be seen through the outside unit’s vents. You should be turning off your system until a certified HVAC technician can examine and fix the device if any of the blades appear twisted, fractured, loose, or damaged in any way.

Burnt-out Motor

A burned-out fan motor is another common cause why fans are not operating. Fan motors are susceptible to malfunctioning and burning out when they are overworked and neglected. The fan motor is one of the most expensive systems to replace in an air conditioner. This is because, It is safe to say that the fan motor is the foundation of the whole air conditioning system. When it is overworked and not regularly maintained, it may burn out. An HVAC expert can advise replacing the entire air conditioning unit depending on how old it is because fan motor replacement is expensive.

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