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7 Common Lash Extension Mistakes and How to Avoid Them



Lash Extension

People everywhere are waking up feeling runway-ready.

How are they doing this? What’s the secret you can get in on? We’re all dying to know how we can wake up feeling like a million dollars.

The secret is eyelash extensions, and many people are finding them to be worth every dollar. Eyelash extensions cut down on the time you’d normally have to fiddle around with properly placing your own fake lashes. Plus, they look amazing.

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To keep your extensions and yourself looking amazing, there are lash extension mistakes to avoid. Keep reading below to discover those now.

  1. Getting Your Lashes Too Wet Too Soon

Whether you’re putting on your own lashes or getting them professionally done, the glue for extensions needs a certain amount of time to properly dry. Be mindful of that time.

If you get them done professionally, your technician will typically suggest giving them 24-48 hours to dry. Make sure to ask them about the best face-washing and hygiene procedures during this time so you can stay clean without getting them wet.

This looks like the perfect excuse to sit in a bubble bath for a while. Might as well avoid the shower!

  1. Using Too Much Glue 

Too much glue is a big no-no. Large amounts of glue take forever to dry, and it causes the lashes to look clumpy. Glue also weighs your natural lashes down.

Are you applying eyelash extensions by yourself? Watch some tutorials online before getting started. These will show you just how much glue you’ll need to use.

If you’re going to a professional to get extensions, look at their customer testimonials and examples. You can typically find these on a social media platform or website.

Investigate the photos, and read all the client reviews. This will let you know if they know what they’re doing.

Do you need some new glue? Check out different glue recommendations online.

  1. Forgetting to Maintain Your Lashes

Eyelash extensions aren’t a done deal after you get them on. It takes some maintenance to keep them looking good.

Go ahead and buy a quality lash comb to use in the mornings after you wake up. The lashes may become tangled as you sleep so this will help untangle them.

After a couple of weeks, you’ll notice your extensions are starting to fall out. Schedule regular lash fill appointments to keep them looking fresh and new.

Are you over scheduling appointments and want to start taking them? There are plenty of resources online where you can learn more about salon booth rent processes.

  1. Placing the Extensions Incorrectly 

Placing the eyelashes can get to be tricky because you’re working with such small, fine pieces of hair. (This is where a professional comes in handy.)

If you’re using false eyelashes, these are applied to the skin above the lashline. Keep in mind eyelash strips are much different than individual lash extensions.

Lash extensions are applied to the actual eyelashes. Apply these with a semi-permanent adhesive.

Pay attention to the placement if someone else is working on your lashes. Many undertrained technicians may place them incorrectly, and it’s important to catch them before it goes too far.

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  1. Picking at Your Lashes

As much as you’ll want to pick at and play with your lashes, resist the urge! This will damage the extensions and pull out your natural lashes.

Not only should you avoid picking at your lashes, avoid roughly rubbing your eyes. We know there might be a few slip-ups, especially if you’re sleepy or have allergies. Do your best to be gentle.

If for whatever reason you don’t like your lashes, don’t yank them off yourself. Go to a professional for proper removal.

  1. Placing Extensions While Wearing Makeup

When preparing for extensions, make sure you are completely makeup-free. It’s best not to wear any makeup for a day or two before your lash appointment.

Luckily, you won’t need mascara or eyeliner once your extensions are in place. If you do want to still use eye makeup, use non-waterproof products. Waterproof products require oil-based products for removal, and the oil will ruin your extensions.

  1. Not Using a Silk or Satin Pillowcase

Silk and satin pillowcases are not only amazing for your skin and hair, but they also keep your eyelashes looking fresh.

Cotton pillowcases tug on your skin and contribute to wrinkles. They can also yank on your lash extensions or tangle them up way too much. Switch to satin or silk, and pay attention to the proper washing and drying instructions for the new pillowcases.

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Find the Right Technician 

The most obvious and most important part of getting and maintaining eyelash extensions is finding the right technician. Trust us. It makes a huge difference.

Look up local reviews on your computer, and check out the different salon websites. Read client testimonials, and see if they have their certifications available for viewing.

During your short consultation with a technician, ask any and all questions you may have. It’s important to feel secure in knowing they’ll take care of you.

If at any point you have a bad feeling about the technician or salon, don’t be afraid to decline the service. It’s better to wait to find someone who does a great job than to rush for a poor job.

After getting your lashes on, ask them for any personal tips they have in maintaining the lashes. They may also have some product recommendations for you to try.

Avoid These Crucial Lash Extension Mistakes 

Lash extensions showcase the natural eye and leave you feeling beautiful. Avoid the above lash extension mistakes to get the most bang for your buck.

As your extensions are being applied, guarantee they’re being placed properly and aren’t using too much glue. Maintain them by brushing them every morning and using a satin pillowcase. Most importantly, find a technician you can trust.

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