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6 Ways to Style Ponytail Extensions for Your Christmas Look



Ponytail Extensions

So, you’re looking for ways to take your look to the next level this festive season?

Regardless of your answer, the chances are that you have wondered what it would be like to have the thick, voluminous hair one typically associates with Disney Princesses or Fairytale Storybook characters at some point in your life. However, it is no secret that not everyone is blessed with such amazing hair naturally.

Of course, some people are blessed with a fantastic head of hair, but for most, there is a little bit of a struggle to get that sought-after volume and thickness that they desire.

This is where hair extensions come in. There are various appealing hair extensions on the market right now, from clip-ins to tape-ins and even glued-in options, but here’s how you can style ponytail extension?

Style 1: The Princess Pony

One of the most unique ways to show off your ponytail extensions is by creating a high pony. This look is great if you wear make-up, as the shape contrasts nicely with a cat-eye or smoky eye.

You can use whatever products you prefer on your locks before putting them into the ponytail and secure the pony with a hairband. If you are trying to look more casual, use a stretchy band to make it unnoticeable when your hair is down.

Style 2: The Sassy Sweetheart

Another simple way to style your extensions for Christmas parties or festive events this season is by putting them into either a half-up or half-down style. This look is subtle yet sassy in the sense that you can let people in on what magic lies underneath while allowing them to see the natural beauty of your locks still.

Gather all of your strands and secure them in place with an elastic band (preferably one that matches your hair color) before creating the ‘half-up hairstyle.

Style 3: The Voluminous Curls

If your hair is naturally curly, why not show it off? Once again, what you do with the rest of your face will depend on how formal the event is. If wearing an up-do isn’t your thing, or perhaps you’re heading to a Christmas party, consider using your extensions to create voluminous curls.

Place all of the ponytail hair under some tongs for about 5 minutes (or however long you need according to how tight you like them!), and voila! Put make-up on as usual and use hairspray if required too.

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Style 4: The Festival Inspired Bun

As festive parties tend to happen over, why not try something a little different this year with your hair? Instead of putting all that hard work into creating an up-do, create a half-up half-down style instead, allowing the hair to remain loose.

Once this is done, use some bobby pins to secure it in place at the nape of your neck, and don’t be afraid to let your baby hairs fly free – they are there for a reason, after all!

Style 5: The Sleek Pony

From wash & go to sleek ponytails, who says you can’t have both? This look is great if you attend an NYE party or head down to the local pub with friends. Invest in a good quality light-hold hairspray and apply it evenly to towel-dried hair.

Once this has been done, separate the top section of your strands into a straight ponytail, leaving any loose pieces that may fall around your face. Finally, ‘set’ your look with more hairspray, and you’re good to go.

Style 6: The Beach Waves Pony

If you’re going for a natural vibe this holiday season, then the beach waves pony is the way to go! Place all hair in a side ponytail but leave a few layers out around your face for added volume.

These simple steps can help make your hair extensions the center of attention. Try them out yourself to see the results.

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