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6 Ways On How to Take Care of Your Luxury Watches



Luxury Watches

Collecting luxury watches is indeed a great investment. Aside from the fact that with its high-quality mechanism you can pass it on to many generations, luxury watches can help you gain more than what you have paid. Once a luxury timepiece lasts for about a decade or more, its value appreciates and you can resell it for a higher price.

Because of that, it’s necessary that you take good care of your luxury watch. As much as possible, protect it as much as you protect your other assets. After all, it is indeed an asset to have these luxury pieces. To help keep your watches in excellent condition, here are some effective ways on how you take care of your watch. Follow these guidelines and your timepieces will surely last for more than a lifetime.

  • Understand your watch’s features and movement

Whenever you buy a watch, make sure that you fully understand all its features and that you are using it properly. Omega Seamaster, for example, is equipped with enhanced features for extreme activities such as water-resistance. Be familiar with its capacity so you will not accidentally wear a low water-resistance watch to diving or other underwater activities. 

Another factor that you need to fully understand is the watch movement such as Automatic, Mechanical, and Quartz. Some classic luxury watch brands such as Rolex use a movement that needs to be winded manually. Know how and when to wind your watches. In that way, you will not break it by doing so.

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  • Clean your luxury timepieces regularly

It’s also important to keep the exteriors of your watch clean all the time, especially if you use it frequently. Using a washcloth and a small amount of water, gently wipe the exterior parts of your watch, such as the glass cover and the strap. As much as possible, you need to do this at the end of the day before you store your watch. In that way, the dirt and dust it accumulates for the day will not stick on the watch.

Whenever you clean your luxury timepiece, be extra careful with its metals and gems. Do not put too much in when cleaning them. These watches are made with precious materials that are very sensitive.

  • Keep away from harsh chemicals

Speaking of sensitivity, avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning. Water is enough to remove stains and dirt on your watch, including the strap. Harsh chemicals can damage the metals on your watch, and it may affect its performance. In special cases, when you need to use chemicals for cleaning, always consult a professional to know which one you should use for the materials of your timepiece. Every luxury watch is using different materials, so you have to be sure that your watch cleaner is compatible with what you have.

  • Bring your watches for servicing

When all else fails, or if something is wrong with its mechanism, always bring it for services. Never, in any instance, open your watch to check the interior parts. Luxury watches are handcrafted by skilled watchmakers, mostly from Switzerland. If you are not trained to do that, never attempt to open it.

Most luxury watch companies come with after-sales support and warranty, which comes with the price. There’s no harm if you will take advantage of that. Also, voiding the warranty may be such a hassle. If you want your watch to last longer, bring it for servicing.

  • Save the original box

Even if you have nice drawers and a closet set up for your entire watch collection, always keep the original box — and avoid damaging it. Protect it the same way you are protecting your watch. Simply because it values the same as your timepiece when you need to resell it. If you are planning to invest in your watch, the original box plays a big role.

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  • Get professional help when needed

If you don’t know what to do, you can always ask for help. There are a lot of online communities for your fellow watch aficionados where you can ask for information on how to take care of your watch and n how much more you can learn about wearing them. These communities will also help you gain connections should you need to resell your watch in the future.

But, if you are not confident asking questions from a stranger, you can always call the customer support of your watch brand. A professional will help answer all your queries. You can also walk into one of their boutique shops where they have knowledgeable staff to help you.

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