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6 Types of Bathroom Vanity and What You Need to Know About It



Bathroom Vanity

Are you planning on having a functional space in your bathroom? And you want every design, sink, basin, or any other bathroom vanities to pass your quality control station. Well, I can’t blame you for wanting what is best for your house. But try to consider most of the questions listed here. It may help you know exactly what you want if you don’t already know it.

You have many things to figure out: Who will use the bathroom? Is it a common room for your family, friends, and guests? What can you do in the room? Will you need a chair to do your make-up?

A laundry space that will be used for only the weekends? Where will things go? Will there be enough storage area for bathroom necessities? Is the location easy to access? After figuring it all out, here are six types of Bathroom Vanities that you need to know about.

  1. Pedestal Sink

The pedestal is also known as a free-standing sink. It is not much for storage with the pedestal. The material used to make most pedestals adds a classy look to it. As a stand-alone, the pedestal does not require much space in the bathroom. 

  1. Free Standing

Almost like a pedestal sink, but the free-standing bathroom vanity is bigger than the former. The free-standing has a square or rectangular shape to it. Depending on the size, it can accommodate two great sinks so everyone can use two sinks instead of one which causes bathroom traffic sometimes.

  1. Wall Mounted/Floating

Wall-mounted bathroom vanities are directly mounted onto the wall. This is great for corners and it does not take up much space, even if it sticks on the ground. The bathroom vanity can also store your cleaning tools and laundry under the sinks.

  1. Vessel

A vessel vanity is fancier than other bathroom vanities. A bit too fancy for a house that is commonly seen in hotel lobbies and restaurant restrooms. For the vessel vanity, the sink is not completely a part of the counter. Vessel-shaped sinks are sitting on top of the counter. Get this fancy look with ceramic rising bowls and a classic wooden sink area.

  1. Under-Mounter Sink

Quite the opposite for the vessel, these under-mounted sinks are carved inside the vanity. The bathroom vanity shows off a modern and refined look. But the under-mounted design does not promise much space for storage.

  1. Vanity Cabinet

As compared to a kitchen cabinet, the vanity cabinet has multiple pull-out doors. The cabinet is not as complicated as they thought. A very attractive piece that looks pleasant.

Vanity Shapes


For floor space, the square bathroom vanity is for smaller spaces.


A round vanity room comes mostly as small. And because it is small, it is mainly for powder rooms placed side by side. It can also go portable for outside washing areas.


For a bigger bathroom space, the rectangular is the bathroom vanity solution. The rectangular works especially for the main room.

Materials Used to Build Bathroom Vanities

  1. Solid Plywood

Wood is always good! A sturdier material that is also used for your attic. The wood is made out of sheets of wood glued on top of the other. The solid plywood handles the moisture problem better than other wood.

  1. Particle Board

The particleboard is composed of waste-wood mixed all together with a sticking agent then heated and pressed. The composite material is sturdy. Cover the wood with a proper solution to help protect the board from moisture and steam.

  1. Laminate

The laminate is painted over materials like the particleboard. It creates a seemingly solid surface. This durable material is now being a common material for bathroom vanities.

  1. Marble

For a smooth surface that can undergo any harsh conditions, use marble tops. The bathroom vanity must be cleaned regularly since the marble is prone to dirt and stains.

An Extra Tip, Bargain Hunt

Have decided what type, shape, and size of bathroom vanity you want for your bathroom? If yes, will you consider bargain hunting after a long scroll on the internet?

You would not know what kind of bathroom vanities you can find in bargain areas. You can find gold if you are diligent enough to scavenge. When you look at it this way, you can either get exactly

what you want or you can recreate, refurbish and personalize your bargain find.  And the best part, the tag price is not always what you pay.

Always be creative with your rooms. Either the smallest space to the highest ceilings, try to make the best out of it. It is your home and you want to make it feel like home. There is no rush, try to do it one step at a time to make it the best.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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