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6 Reasons Why Wooden Puzzles are Better than Cardboard



Wooden Puzzles

Working on puzzles can be an ideal way to pass the time. It also helps improve your mental health. But since puzzles often take a lot of your time, it is best to invest in wooden puzzles to get the best quality.

Jigsaw puzzles made from wood offer a different puzzle experience. Find out why this type of puzzle is more worthy of your time and money for the most productive hobby.

#1: Wooden Puzzle are Done with More Durable Materials 

Unlike the typical jigsaw puzzles made from cardboard, the ones made from wood are tougher and built to last longer. It will not fold and get wet easily like the usual paper-made puzzles.

Also, wooden pieces of the puzzle normally come in glossy finishings. It makes the final product look great when displayed.

#2: Wooden Jigsaw Pieces Serve As A Great Gift Idea 

If you have friends or family who love working on jigsaw puzzles, it would be best to give them sets made from wood. It is a luxury gift that they will love.

You may also give wooden puzzles to those who are not precisely avid puzzlers. They will appreciate the high-quality gift that they can work on during their spare time. It also comes with an exceptional heirloom element when finished.

#3: Can Be Enjoyed By All Family Members 

Puzzles can be an ideal family bonding activity. But some families choose to avoid solving puzzles together until every member is old enough to handle small, paper-based pieces.

If you choose to invest in wooden jigsaw puzzles, you can let your little children help you put the pieces together. Young kids can grasp the pieces with ease since they will not fold easily. This activity can strengthen the bond within the family and help lessen the kids’ screen time.

#4: Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles Serves as Great Coffee Table Accessory 

You may display the wooden jigsaw puzzle you solved with your family on the coffee table in the living area. You may put a display glass on top to keep the puzzle in place.

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Displaying the puzzle this way will make you feel proud of your work. It can serve as an interesting conversation piece, especially if you love to welcome guests in your home. It will also let you change the look of your coffee table any time you solve a beautiful puzzle set.

#5: Improve Mental Health 

Studies showed that doing jigsaw puzzles can boost your cognitive skills and visual-spatial reasoning. The actual act of putting the pieces together requires thorough concentration, which means your brain will get much-needed exercise.

Health experts also recommend solving puzzles to improve your short-term memory. It will also enhance your productivity and creativity.

#6: Wooden Pieces Are Harder To Lose 

One of the biggest frustrations of avid puzzlers is losing at least one piece of the set. When a single piece is missing, you will not be able to complete the entire puzzle. This situation often happens in paper-based puzzles.

But if you invest in wooden jigsaw puzzles, you will not have a hard time looking for the missing pieces. Each piece is thicker and more visible compared to the cardboard variety. It means that even if your kids scattered the pieces all over the floor, you could easily gather everything at once.

Wooden jigsaw puzzles can be your best investment if you are into this type of activity. It is also the best product to give to anyone who wants to begin this hobby. You only need to look for the design of a puzzle that could tickle your fancy.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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