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6 Low-Budget Tips to Make Your Home Look Elite



Imagine redecorating your home to give it an elite look. That would be such a refreshing sight each time you get back home from a tiring day. However, redecorating a house can sometimes be heavy on your wallet. But don’t worry! Small things that we take for granted while decorating our place can be a game-changer if you pay attention to them. And guess what? They are pocket-friendly as well! So, you can have an elite look for your home on a low budget. It would be like a dream come true.

You do not need to wait for your perfect house to fulfill all your passions. Take advantage of the available resources and make your place nothing short of perfect. To help you with that, here are some tips that can prove to be handy for you.

  1. Get Rid of the Clutter:

First of all, do not have a suffocating environment inside your home. Make your place spacious and breathable by removing things that lie without purpose. Remove the old kitchen appliances and electronics that you don’t use anymore. The extra beddings like pillows, quilts, and mattresses should go as well. Also, you’ll have to say goodbye to old pieces of furniture, e.g., a drab sofa, to replace it with a new one. If you do not have a place to store these things in your home, you can rent a storage unit. It would be a good idea, especially if you live in a city like Houston, Texas, that has very humid summers. A temperature control facility in storage units will prevent heat damage to your goods. For example, if you reside in the neighborhood of River Oaks, you can rent out river oaks tx storage units, or any other, to provide a safe space for your extra things. After you have decluttered your home, there would be more space for some meaningful additions.

  1. Improve Your Entrance:

The doorway to your inner sanctuary must always be extra special. The first impression of your house has a lot to say about what lies ahead. It welcomes your guests into your personal space. So do not forget to make the entrance one of your top priorities when redecorating your home.

You can repaint your door to give it an extra glint. If you have a spacious porch, make a small seating arrangement for the congregation of the guests while arriving or leaving. You can also place some contrasting mats at your main doorstep so that the guests feel more welcomed. Consider adding an architrave as well, a piece of wood to cover the gap between the wall and the door frame. Lastly, do not forget to go green. Take pots and grow different plants and flowers in them. The fragrance of flowers at the entrance is something very refreshing. Take spray paints and transform the boring, dull brown pots into exciting colors.

  1. Follow a Color Scheme:

The color scheme creates a pattern and easy flow in the décor of your home. If there is an artwork with multiple colors, pick two or three of them and work your color scheme around them. Choose the curtains, rugs, cushions, etc., of colors that complement each other. You don’t necessarily need to stick to the same three colors, but you should make a connection between them in different rooms. The shades may vary, but make sure not to go too much out of the way. It would disrupt the whole flow.

  1. Enhance the Lighting:

Dim lights kill the aura of a place, no matter how finely decorated, and give it a gloomy look. Although your Home Look would have natural light from doors and windows during the day along with some electric lights, something would still feel amiss. It would lack aesthetic sense and not look lively at all. So, do not let all your efforts go to waste by lighting your home dimly. Add some fancy lights, like lamps and chandeliers, brightening up the dark areas that seem uncared for otherwise. Extra lights can also create a focal point in the room by lighting up specific areas. Lights will also make up for the lack in the décor to a considerable extent. In addition to brightening up your space, light equipment will help improve your décor as they come in many shapes and styles.

  1. Add Some Glamour:

Shiny and reflective surfaces automatically make a place look glamorous. A decoration table beneath a beautiful mirror mounted on the wall would give an enhanced effect. You can also place some vases of fresh flowers on the table. Flowers make everything go right!

Consider putting up some exciting wall-papers on some of your walls with a hint of glitter. But be cautious not to overdo it and make it look gaudy. Keep it classy and pleasing to the eye. These glamorous details here are there would uplift the vibe of your home. But remember to add glamour without being ostentatious. A perfect balance of glamour and decency is the key to a graceful look.

  1. Make Your Windows Look Luxurious and Bigger:

Does your room have plain and small windows? That’s not a problem! You can give your windows an enlarged effect without actually enlarging them. Try full-length curtains, from just beneath the roof to the floor. Fix the railing for curtains a little higher. Also, try to find the rod of neutral color that goes with all color schemes.

To make your windows look luxurious, you do not need to buy expensive curtains. All you have to do is to avoid single panel and unlined curtains. It would make the curtains look cheap. You can always go for translucent material, but make sure to add their lining. Moreover, multiple panels in a curtain will give it a fuller and more luxurious look.


Your home is your place of comfort and refuge. So, plan it like you want it to be, and do not let the lack of resources hold you back. It is all in the details. All you have to do is to play your cards right by paying attention to the minute details, and your home is ready to show off its elite look.

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