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6 Home Remedies to Relieve Sinus Pressure



Relieve Sinus Pressure

Sometimes, seasonal allergies or flu build the pressure in your forehead that goes with a runny nose. Well, it is one of the most uncomfortable conditions that does not allow you to socialize. Such a condition is also a sign of a sinus infection. Best ENT doctors in Peshawar share that sinus infection go away on its own, and it usually takes 10 days. When sinuses won’t drain, it may lead to pain in your head and face due to inflammation.

Some over-the-counter treatments help in reducing the symptoms of sinus pressure. Let’s explore some of the best effective tips.

1- Steam Therapy 

Low moisture in the air can increase sinus pressure. Such a condition leads to throbbing pain and headaches. You may also experience throbbing pain due to sinus pressure. Mucus gets thickened due to dry air, but steam adds moisture to the air that moistens sinus passages. It helps in relieving mucus. If you do not want to go with the special steam therapy, you can take a hot shower. During breathing in the steam, the sinus pressure gets decreased. A humidifier is also the best way to relieve sinus pressure for a long time.

Experts also reveal the benefits of eucalyptus oil for sinus pressure. When you take a bath, add a few drops of the oil into your bathtub that will help to clear your pathways.

2- Get Quality Sleep

Lack of sleep can give a tough time to your overall body. Dizziness and low energy level do not allow you to do any daily activity with concentration. Sleep sends the brain signals to release hormones that lead to tissue growth. Studies say that white blood cells function against viruses and bacteria. Do you know that sleep encourages the production of white blood cells?

Quality sleep boosts the energy level and concentration level. Doctors suggest avoiding beverages or caffeine intake before bedtime. Resting can help in reducing the sinus pressure symptoms and speed up the recovery process.

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3- Drink Water and Fluids

Drying out of sinus passages can cause severe symptoms and lead to face pressure. You can say that dehydration is one of the causes of sinus pressure. Feeling unwell throughout the day is a sign of dehydration. Increase the intake of fluids and water as it helps to make the mucus thin.

If you cannot drink enough water, choose the other ways to hydrate your body, such as watery fruits and vegetables, broth soup, etc.

4- Practice Yoga or Exercise 

It’s been proven that exercise and yoga help in reducing sinus pressure. Well, it is not the cure, but it can reduce the symptoms and ease the discomfort. Exercise and other physical activities lead to better blood circulation in the overall body. Experts share that it relieves congestion that eases breathing but is temporary.

People often find it difficult to perform any physical activity due to discomfort, but it speeds up the recovery time and helps in the healing process.

5- Try Elevation 

Lying flat on your bed leads to mucus buildup and increases sinus pressure. Such a condition does not allow you to sleep. So, keep your head up with a pillow at night and make sure that your head is above your heart.

Such body position does not allow the buildup of the sinus and helps you breathe easily.

6- Saline wash 

Sinus pressure and congestion can cause discomfort but the saline wash is the treatment that you need. There is salt in a saline spray that boosts the moisture in your nose and reduces the sinus pressure. It is easily available in drugstores. If it is not at your home, make it with some basic kitchen ingredients, such as baking soda, iodine-free salt, and distilled water.

Final Thought 

Pain relievers can also help you to get rid of sinus pressure temporarily, but still, you need to follow traditional treatments. Home remedies increase the recovery process. Continuous increases in symptoms of sinus pressure may lead to serious health issues. Visit your doctors for a complete checkup.

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