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6 Common Problems a Locksmith Can Help You Solve



Did you know that there are over 16,000 homes and cars lockouts per day in the U.S. alone?

Protecting our homes, businesses, and automobiles requires fully functional locks. However, after years of constant use, your lock will eventually break down and can result in a possible lockout. Hiring a locksmith as early as possible for minor lock issues is a simple approach to avoid costly repairs later.

Are you fed up with dealing with lock issues? Read on for seven common lock problems a locksmith can help you with.

The Key Breaks in The Lock

Key breaks can often be prevented by taking your time when operating the locks. Although using the broken key to try to unlock or lock the door may work, the likelihood of getting the key further inside the lock is extremely high, making the process of retrieving it difficult.

Once your key breaks inside, hire a locksmith to remove it without damaging the lock.

Key Turns But Does Not Lock

When this happens, the issue is usually with the locking mechanism. This could be caused by worn-out parts that fail to push the lock knobs.

If it is caused by normal wear and tear, professional locksmiths can fix it by adjusting the lock. However, if your lock is damaged beyond repair, you should have it replaced.

Misaligned Door Latch

A misaligned door latch is caused by the striking plate continuously or the door latch not being aligned properly. This forces users to push and pull the door to get the latch working properly. A skilled locksmith will adjust the latch and the strike plate and have it working as new.

The Key Won’t Turn

This is often caused by a lock seize and can result in breakages if you try to force the lock open. Professional locksmiths are equipped with silicon sprays among other tools which can effectively resolve the lock issue fast.

Car Lockouts

Car lockouts could be a result of someone being locked out or a key left inside the vehicle. Hardened shutters, lockpicks, and formed end tweezers are all used in this situation.

An auto locksmith who is familiar with the vehicle structure and equipped with a diverse set of tools will help you out in case of this issue.

Broken Ignition Key

The ignition key can be damaged by using worn-out keys resulting in trouble when starting your automobile. Hiring an auto locksmith is recommended to repair the ignition cylinder or replace the ignition switch.

Hire Professional Locksmith Service

Lock issues are inconvenient and can occur unexpectedly. You need a reliable mobile locksmith business to repair your lock issues at any time of the day.

Ensure you choose a locksmith who is professional experienced, skilled, and well-equipped. They should be able to provide emergency services and arrive at your location as fast as possible.

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