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5 Women’s Clothing Essentials You Need in Your Dresser



Most people have closets and dressers full of clothes but only wear around half of those items on a regular basis. Having a wardrobe full of things you don’t love or don’t fit can make getting dressed every day frustrating, uncomfortable, and even discouraging.

If you feel this way, it’s time to take back your closet and make getting dressed something that makes you feel great every time!

With so many women’s clothing options available, it’s hard to know where to start when rebuilding your wardrobe. We’ve narrowed down all the choices to the top five essentials we think everyone needs in their closet at all times. Once you have these options you can add on until you have a full wardrobe of beautiful choices!

1. Great Fitting Jeans

The staple of all closets is generally a good pair of jeans. Even though they are one of the most worn items for people in general, they can be deceptively hard to find a good pair.

We suggest focusing on fit and quality for this clothing essential. Even just one or two pairs of great jeans will be much better than multiple that doesn’t fit or last.

2. Flattering Dress

On the other end of the spectrum, a flattering dress is a crucial wardrobe essential. The right dress can be dressed up or down to match any occasion or weather necessities. Every fashion tip mentions a black dress since they are so universally appealing but a variety of cuts and colors will build a full wardrobe.

3. Versatile Camisole

A great wardrobe has awesome choices all the way down to the basics, including camisoles. Many women enjoy wearing a camisole under shirts or outwear options or sometimes all on their own!

See this camisole sale for many great options you can add to your collection today!

4. Quality T-Shirts

Many great outfits can be made with a quality t-shirt as the base. No matter if you choose a crisp white option or a cool graphic shirt, the key is finding one that fits great and looks high-quality. A cheap t-shirt is one of the most available clothing options that fill-up closets and never gets worn, avoid those at all costs!

5. Comfortable Shoes

As you’re building your better wardrobe, you can’t forget the shoes!

Having a few pairs of comfortable shoes that are neutral is the best base to build from. Think about having one good pair of flats, heels, and tennis shoes to begin with.

Women’s Clothing Pieces You Need

The clothes you choose to wear not only protect your body, but also portray your style and personality to the world. Picking women’s clothing options that represent you, fit well, and will last for a long time will make a huge difference in how it feels getting dressed each day.

Taking the time to make smart decisions before adding pieces to your wardrobe will give you the best results. You’ll feel confident in everything you choose and never feel frustrated looking at your options.

If you’re interested in learning more about our beauty and style tips, check out our other articles today!

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