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5 Unique Advent Calendars That Will Have You Singing Fa-La-La-Ha-Ha!



The first advent calendar started as a simple gift from a mother to her child before entering production in 1908.

Used as a way to celebrate the holiday season, advent calendars help get users in the spirit of celebrating. Equipped with a small gift for each day leading up to Christmas day, advent calendars are a fun way to enjoy the season.

If you’re looking for unique advent calendars to help you and your loved ones get excited for the holidays, you’ll want to keep reading to help you discover the best choices.

1. Makeup

One of the most functional types of advent calendars is one stocked with makeup. Stocked with plenty of fun and great items, you’ll find that these are a great way to discover your new favorite product.

Perfect for makeup artists and enthusiasts, there are so many brands that produce high-quality calendars. Plus, you can choose from specific kinds of makeup, like calendars which are purely lip products for those who like to leave their mark.

2. Socks

One of the most fun advent options for those of all ages is socks! Though socks are traditionally thought of as a “boring gift” with so many fun textures and patterns, you can impress anyone with a sock advent calendar.

This is perfect for those who are always seemingly losing their socks or those who like to collect unique options.

3. Alcohol

What’s better than boozy advent calendars? After all, the holidays are the perfect time to let your hair down and celebrate with friends and family!

From finding your new favorite liquor with a vodka advent calendar to testing wine or beers, this is the perfect gift for the 21-and-over crowd. Not only will this advent

4. Hot Sauces

Are you looking for interesting advent calendars to help heat up the colder season? Look no further than hot sauce advents!

Whether you’re someone who can’t eat a meal without some spice or you’re an avid collector, this is a great way to find your new favorite sauce. Plus, as you’re not buying full bottles, if you don’t like the flavor, there’s no harm since they come in sample bottles!

5. Crystals

Perfect for spiritualists and geology enthusiasts alive, a crystal advent calendar is a great way to expand your crystal collection and improve your knowledge about stones!

With an array of crystals available, you’ll find that you can add others you may not already own to your collection. Plus, the daily experience of receiving a new crystal will leave you eager with anticipation!

Why Unique Advent Calendars Are a Great Gift

If you’re unsure how to choose an advent calendar for yourself or your loved ones, keeping this guide in mind can help you get in the holiday spirit.

If you found this guide to the most unique advent calendars on the market inspiring, you’ll want to check out the rest of our website. There, you’ll find more of the best lifestyle content to help you get ready to celebrate the holidays.

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