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5 Things You Need to Know About Lubes




Often, when it comes to shopping for sex, people think of condoms, toys, and outfits. However, lube rarely features in the picture – and its high time we change that! Lube can enhance your sexual experience by tenfold, and no, that’s not an exaggeration. Keep reading to know why you need to stock up on lube at the earliest!

It makes intercourse even better!

Contrary to popular belief, lube isn’t just for people who may not naturally produce enough discharge to facilitate penetration. In fact, even if you’re happy with the fluids you produce, chances are, you do end up running dry during a marathon session.

Lube makes sure that you and your partner can keep on going. If you use physical birth control, like condoms, be sure to use water-based lube to ensure it doesn’t interfere with your safety.

It can help you be more adventurous!

Some sexual positions can be trickier than others. The process of getting things in place can sometimes be rather trying – which means you can end up losing out on your natural lube fluids. This makes penetration harder and certainly makes sex feel more painful.

If you use lube right at the beginning (instead of waiting for when you’re all dried out), you can make sure that penetration is smooth and the sex is enjoyable.

It’s quite tasty!

Flavored lube is easy to find and offers a bunch of benefits. For starters, it can taste quite good (but this depends on the brand and flavors). Tasty lube means better oral stimulation for you and your partner. Often, flavored lube also smells good and if you happen to be squeamish about sex smells, this is a good option to turn to.

It helps him move faster!

Now, this can be a boon and a curse, depending on which side of the fence you land on. If you like speed, you’ll love lube. If you like force, then you won’t necessarily get the same sense of light friction in your vaginal walls. In such cases, you may need to switch positions a bit – but you can still enjoy rough sex even when you’re using lube.

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It comes in a ton of varieties

Like condoms, you can find the perfect type of lubricant to enhance your sex life. You can get lube that’s flavored, plain, and viscous (or runny), depending on what suits your needs. Additionally, lube also differs on the basis of its ingredients.


Water-based lubricants are quite versatile, but they dry out quickly. Also, they aren’t appropriate for the bathtub or swimming pools. Oil based lubricants are good options for people who don’t need to use condoms. They last for a long time on the skin and are good for flying solo and anal adventures. Silicone based lubricants are perfect for condoms, and can be used with toys too!

Now that you know so much about lube, it’s time to grab a tube and have a blast with your partner. Start your journey with good, plain lube before experimenting with flavors. For more information about these products:

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