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5 Small Business Franchising Mistakes and How to Avoid Them



There are around 673,796 franchise owners in the U.S, which shows how attractive this venture is.

Opening a franchise lets you thrive in your industry, earn a hefty profit, and prove you’re credible. But it’s not always straightforward, so it’s important to familiarize the most common errors. Perhaps you’re planning to open a franchise but you’re worried about taking the wrong turn.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry; you’ve come to the right place. Here are five small business franchising mistakes to avoid.

1. Rushing into the Business

A major mistake is rushing into the business without knowing what to expect. Owning a business involves a huge amount of time, dedication, and sacrifice so you must be mentally prepared to take on the challenge. To start, research the business thoroughly and figure out whether the cost of franchising is viable; otherwise, it could be an exorbitant error.

2. Choosing a Franchise That Doesn’t Fit

Although it sounds obvious, many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of choosing a franchise that doesn’t align with their passion. Before outlining a business franchising strategy, figure out whether the venture aligns with your personality, style of management, and skillset as it’s the key to success.

For instance, only consider a dryer vent franchise if you’re passionate about the industry and want to tackle their customers’ pain points.

3. Overlooking the Financial Goals

Before seeking support from franchisors, make sure you crunch the numbers. Make sure you know the profit and loss numbers as it will prevent you from making expensive mistakes. At the very least, analyze the market and talk to other businesses in your industry, as it will give you valuable insight into the industry.

4. Not Considering the Franchise Development Document (FDD)

A Franchise Development Document (FDD) is crucial as it tells you whether the business is worth your time and money. Like any big purchase, you must research the franchise vigilantly and look out for any red flags. Instead of believing everything the franchisor says, read the FDD as it will reveal its legal history, financial status, and structure which will help you decide if you’re the right fit.

5. Not Valuing the Onboarding Process

When franchising small businesses, many owners make the mistake of overlooking the onboarding process. But this is essential for building a great team that is passionate about making your franchise thrive. To maximize your efforts, let a reputable hiring manager screen candidates who will choose employees with the right philosophy and experience.

Once hired, offer regular training and incentives as it will save you a fortune and boost employee productivity.

Avoid These Small Business Franchising Mistakes Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you know which small business franchising mistakes to avoid.

There are many common errors such as rushing into the business, choosing an industry that doesn’t align with your interests, and overlooking financial goals. You should also refer to the FDD and honor the onboarding process as it’s essential to your success. Good luck!

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