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5 Signs You Need a Generator Repair



Power outages can be very disruptive. Having to worry about no television, no work, or how much food can go bad can be stressful. However, having a well-maintained standby generator is a great home maintenance tip as it saves you from all these troubles.

Did you know that the generator market size is expected to exhibit a 5.4% compounded growth rate in the next five years? This is because of the benefits that come with owning a generator.

Like any other equipment, generators are prone to internal and external damages. These damages may cause huge losses if not well taken care of.

Here are five signs that your generator needs repair.

1. Trouble When Starting

This should be the first flag that your generator needs a repair or checkup. Several reasons may make your generator not start.

These include:

• Low fuel levels.
• Dead batteries.
• Clogged air filters prevent the entry of oxygen.

Regularly checking the above issues might save you from having electrical issues in the future.

2. Check for Leaks During Home Maintenance

Gas leaks are easy to identify when cleaning or sweeping the compound. You might experience a strange smell or a puddle of a rainbow-colored liquid around your generator.

You should not take leaks lightly since they can cause health issues or spark up a fire. It’s advisable to have regular preventive maintenance checks on storage pans that cause the leaks.

3. Worn Out Electrical Wires

Having a good home care routine after a hurricane storm is necessary. This is because of the damages that accompany the storms.

While inspecting your generator for loose wiring and worn-out cables, check for corrosion on the power cords. The cords often get corroded due to moisture. The corroded area can easily be removed by brushing it off with a wire brush.

4. Inconsistent Power Supply

If your generator is inactive for six months, you might run it, but it doesn’t put up enough power as it used to. This is because of underlying electrical problems in the master phase selector switch.

The switch is responsible for switching on the generator after a blackout. In this scenario, you should not try to repair it yourself but get professional help.

5. Low Charged Batteries

It would be disappointing to realize that your generator has broken down during a power outage. Batteries normally grow weak after long periods of inactivity.

You should schedule battery inspections with a generator repair shop near you to avoid such mishaps. Such shops offer excellent home maintenance tips, for instance, how to refill a battery electrolyte by yourself.

In case the electricians detect a problem in the battery, it’s necessary to find a replacement. They give you a cost breakdown for labor and materials to use then arrange the installation.

Reasons for Generator Repair

Owning a power generator can either mean having the comfort of undisrupted power or having to wait until the lights are back. Your generator requires active maintenance for smooth running and repair in case of damage.

Regular home maintenance checks ensure that your generator is reliable and runs in good condition. If you enjoyed reading this article, browse this page for informative posts.

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