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5 Reasons Why You Need to Use Video Marketing For Your Brand



Video Marketing

A close analysis of the world market’s changing trends will tell you that it is moving towards video content. One of the main reasons is the easy-to-digest and understand format that saves our eyes from the textual content’s overabundance. This is the reason why people around the globe watch close to 1 billion hours of video content on various platforms every day.

If you are looking to build a career in digital marketing, you need to have a complete understanding and knowledge of the power of video marketing. In the coming years, this is going to become an integral part of your digital marketing environment. 

Organizations have started brainstorming and incorporating strategies to utilize video marketing in their working environment. These companies have understood that marketing and video will be together, just like bread and butter. So, here we have 5 powerful reasons why you need to use video marketing right from today.

  • It increases the conversion rate

One of the best reasons you should start using video marketing is to help your organization make money. Many organizations often use a video as clickbait, and so can you. All you need to do is add a product video/tutorial on the respective landing pages. You need to make these videos engaging and intuitive to get a better conversion rate. Regardless of the category, a video is always going to fetch more people than text. 

Studies have shown that more than 74% of users who watch a video of any product have ended up buying it. Isn’t vision our dominant sense? So why not engage people using that? Already pictures, infographics, graphs, and pie-charts are some of the most impressive ways to tell your story and think about how beneficial a video can become. 

  • Mobile viewers love this format

In today’s world half of the population is always on their mobile phone for some other reasons. Social Media is one of the most influential areas that can also work in your favor. Be it while traveling or sitting idle, people love to scroll through their social media for entertainment and information. With such a huge user base, there are several ways by which you can lure the customer to either buying your product or services. Another study shows that almost 75% of people prefer watching videos on their mobiles.

So there are two things to keep in mind. Firstly, you need to post videos on social media platforms actively. Secondly, try to make impressive mobile-friendly videos that can help you in convincing people to buy your products. With the growing number of video channels like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and others, it is high time to make a move that will positively help your organization.

  • It amplifies brand awareness

Creating engaging videos can help you in increasing your brand’s awareness. A video has different colors, contrasts, and motions that can stay in your long term memory. For making an impressive video, you can visit InVideo and benefit from the several templates, themes, and more available. You can also create interesting intros for your website.

Videos can also be made for every domain and it can help in spreading the awareness of your brand amongst a group of people or your target audience. 

  • It is a cost-effective method

Another exciting perk of video marketing is that it can reduce the expense of marketing by a considerable amount. These days, several smartphones have a good camera. You can utilize it to create an engaging video. That’s all you need for a marketing campaign. Video marketing also includes live sessions with your target audience, and in that, you can simply go online on YouTube and start a live session. Such sessions’ simple motive is to interact with people and be aware of your products or brand. 

Another thing about videos is that they remain in the loop for a long time, unlike the one-day events. Once you upload a video on any platform, it stays there for a long time. Whosoever comes to your channel or handle can see all the content you have.

  • They are Google-Friendly

Most people are unaware of the fact that videos have an extremely low bounce rate. This clearly means that you can bind the viewers with your channel and encourage them to use your services or products. A good website filled with Google-Friendly video content will help you increase the time spent by a viewer on your channel. This will then enhance your reach amongst your target audience. 


Video advertising has become a lot more effective, affordable, and extensively used. If you have already adopted this technique, you will be able to get better results if you read this guide but if you haven’t, start thinking about it. There are a lot of helping tools that are available online. 

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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