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5 Questions to Ask a Social Security Disability Attorney Before Hiring



Social Security Disability Attorney

The number of disabled Social Security beneficiaries reached over 10 million in 2016. Thus, getting Social Security approval is a common yet deeply involved process.

Many people hire attorneys to get SSD approval. But how do you find the best Social Security disability attorneys? What questions should you ask to hire the best one for you?

That’s what we’ll be looking at today. Here are the 5 most important questions you need to ask when hiring a Social Security disability attorney that best suits your needs.

Why You Need a Social Security Disability Attorney

So why do you need a Social Security disability attorney?

The simplest answer is that if you have a disability and are applying for Social Security. A Social Security disability attorney improves your chances of winning your case.

Disability attorneys are experts in everything about the Social Security process. From the initial application all the way to the hearing, they know how to present your case in the most effective light.

They’ll argue how your condition meets Social Security’s criteria while focusing on the facts that are most persuasive to getting approved. Attorneys will collect and submit all the medical information relevant to your case.

Best of all, they’ll get a helpful testimony from you at the hearing. If you want to learn more about Social Security disability attorneys, there’s plenty of good information from

5 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Social Security Disability Attorney

Once you’ve scheduled a meeting with a disability attorney, you’ve got to figure out whether they’re up for the task. The following are questions that help you determine if an attorney is right for you.

  1. How Often Do You Meet With Clients?

This question depends on what you’re looking for in a Social Disability attorney. Some clients want constant updates while others only want to be contacted when there’s a big development.

Know what level of involvement you’re comfortable with and ask this question.

  1. How Do You Charge Clients?

Knowing how much you’ll pay for your attorney is a crucial budgeting decision. If your case is successful, the Social Security Administration takes your attorney’s fees out of your benefits.

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If it’s not successful, then the terms might change. Ask the attorney what their fees are in these cases.

  1. What Is Your Experience With SSD Claims?

Remember that SSD claims are highly technical and involve different types of law. It’s possible that an attorney may not have the type of narrow experience you need based on your age, gender, condition, or other factors.

  1. How Familiar Are You With My Conditions?

In keeping with the previous question, some attorneys might have more experience working with clients that have a specific condition. This might even be why you’re contacting them.

If your attorney is more familiar with your condition, then your chances of approval are much higher.

  1. How Do You Typically Handle Claims?

Not every SSD attorney has the same method of handling claims. Discuss this with your prospective attorney to see if their strategy aligns with what you’re looking for.

Understanding the tools your attorney has can determine how long the process takes and even the chance of success.

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Improve Social Security Disability Attorney Success Rate With the Right Counsel

Have you been looking up “social security disability attorney near me”? Leverage this guide to ask the right questions when meeting with potential counsels.

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