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5 Print Marketing Strategies to Target Senior Citizens



Did you know that around 75% of seniors weren’t using smartphones in the United States in 2020?

Although the pandemic helped bring seniors online for video chats and streaming, most of them still rely on paper.

If you run a business and you need to market items to the older generations, there are a few things to consider.

Keep reading if you want to learn about the best tips for effectively running print marketing campaigns for seniors!

1. Help Them Understand

One of the most effective tips for senior print marketing is to help them understand.

Make sure that you are using language that’s relatable to your target audience’s age. This means that you shouldn’t be using hashtags and online terms with these older generations. Use professional, organized, and concise language to help connect with your audience.

2. Use Newspapers & Catalogs

Although some of the baby boomers are well-versed with technology, the majority of them aren’t.

Seniors don’t rely on technology the same way that the younger generations do. They have gone their entire lives without the devices, which is why the newspaper and catalog industries are still in business. By posting your ads to these resources, you can reach your intended audience more effectively.

Marketing and targeting seniors online won’t show you the results you want. If you need help, SenioROI can put you in contact with senior living communities and agents.

3. Use Snail Mail

If you aren’t sure how to market to the senior living community, you should consider the mail.

Not email, but snail mail! Seniors still love receiving the mail and get a lot of things from their favorite companies. Since they aren’t setting all of their mail to online access, this is a successful way of reaching them.

You can send pamphlets with info, catalogs, or informative booklets once you receive their addresses.

4. Keep the Font Large

There is nothing worse for a senior than being interested in an article or product, but unable to enjoy it.

When seniors don’t have the glasses nearby, they might be missing out on your company. By using large and bold fonts with clean edges, you can make it easier for them to discover you. Bright colors and images can also capture their attention.

5. Personalize the Ad

Older people aren’t looking for the trendiest outfits or the latest fads, which is why you need to personalize your marketing.

When you use any form of print marketing, you need to make an impact on a person without saying anything at all. Through the use of photographs, you can capture their attention and draw them in to learn more. Use images and references that are relatable to the generations you want to reach.

Is Your Print Marketing Working?

When it comes to seniors, there is no better method for a business than print marketing.

Online resources and accounts won’t increase sales within the senior living communities. Marketing to seniors becomes much simpler once you can connect with them and use language that they understand.

Don’t be afraid to ask seniors what catches their attention to help further increase your brand.

Be sure to read our blog for more content about marketing to seniors and improving your business!

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