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5 Hotel Booking Mistakes You Must Avoid



Hotel booking

Whenever you plan to go to any place for your trip or holiday; you do book a hotel, therein right? Of course, when you have to explore so many tourist places in the city, you would want a few days to be therein. And hence, you would want a proper hotel for your stayover.

When you are in a city for visiting its tourist spots, you would want to get the best hotel for your stayover. You can check out popular hotels like JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar Mumbai or so on once you are in the city. Since you are in a city like Mumbai, you would come across endless options in hotels. Now, getting the right hotel would be a big deal. You need to search the right hotel and only then pay for it. Well, here are some mistakes that you should avoid when you are booking a hotel.

  1. Not Thinking about Tax and Other Charges

Once a hotel advertises the nightly rates they have, it generally does not include tax and any extra charges. Once you are making a budget , no matter it is for your holiday or what you should be reimbursed after your business trip, you don’t wish to end up spending more than you thought of or planned. As you are keeping an eye on room rates, make sure that you do account for the tax charges and find out if the hotel charges any extra fees, such as a resort fee.

Remember, in case you are calling a hotel for any quote, ensure that you ask for the complete price. It is also smart to ask about parking charges  as well. You don’t really wish to go to pay your bill and witness surprise charges you were not actually thinking of or expecting. You have no idea how sometimes; parking charges can be a big burden on your budget.

  1. Reservation at a Wrong Hotel: Surprised?

Well, in case you choose a big chain hotel, then you need to make sure you book your reservation at the right spot or location. One hotel brand could have multiple sites inside the same area, so you need to look up the address to be certain that it is the right one before you book your reservation.

Booking at the wrong location could turn out to be an easy mistake to manage if a room is available, but in case it is the busy season, you might end up with the path to make some adjustments to your overall plans. After all, there aren’t rooms available always. Even if the hotel agrees to look for ways to fit you in a room in the other location, the things can be impossible if the rooms are not available.

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  1. Do You Book at Non-refundable Rates?

Once you book through third-party websites, you can at times find lower rates. The thing behind these websites is that a hotel would definitely prefer to book a room at a lower rate than permit it to stay empty. But what these websites mostly fail to inform people is that they are doing the booking at non-refundable rates.

At times , you may have an emergency and you need to cancel a reservation. No matter a schedule conflict takes place after you’ve booked, a family emergency pops up or you feel you booked for the wrong dates, third-party websites are not going to refund you. In case you are fairly confident that you won’t need to cancel, this would not be a problem. But, in case you want to stick to the safe side, be sure that you book it on a refundable rate.

  1. Compare the Price of Hotel Rooms

You must always shop around to find the finest price on a hotel room. But, as you read above, be thoughtful about booking at non-refundable rates on third-party platforms or websites. In case you find a price listed online, you must still call the hotel to request the rate on the same room.

They could even have an even better special, helping you save a lot more. Or, in case they quote a higher price, you can always request a cost match with the one you came across online.  Once you compare the pricing of rooms and hotels; you can definitely save a big deal. After all, saving money is crucial and you can do it if you act smart.

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  1. The Locality of the Hotel

Of course, when you book for a hotel online for your trip, you hardly pay much attention to its surroundings. Of course, you may think that you are going to get the best experience in the luxurious room of the hotel and you can love the food they offer the visitors; but what if the hotel is really far from the places you plan to go to? What if you end up spending a lot of money and time in traveling from hotel to your places and back to hotel?

Come on, you may think for once that the hotel is going to be really comforting and luxurious. But do not forget that the pain it gives you if you do not pick it tactfully. It would not make sense if you spend half of your day in traveling from your hotel to the beach, the tourist attractions or so on. Now, in a city like Mumbai, you may end up stuck in traffic for hours if you are not careful. After all, it is about your entire experience and trip. When you know that your hotel is situated at a place that is near to the destinations that you look forward to visit, that would be a good move. After all, nobody wants to spend unnecessary time or money on extra traveling.


So, after keeping all these points in mind, whether you choose JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar Mumbai or any other hotel; it would be good choice for you. The point is, if your hotel successfully goes through the parameters of this post, you would be sure that you get a beautiful time.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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