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5 Home-Safety Tips You Should Teach Your Kids



Home-Safety Tips

Do you want to teach your children home safety while they are still young? Teaching basic home safety skills is so important.

As a parent, you have the opportunity to help protect your home and family from hazards that may come up in everyday life.

The following five home-safety tips are just some of the basics that kids should know before they head out into their own homes.

1. Teach Them to Always Keep the Doors Closed

Teach your kids to always keep the doors closed. Even if they are home alone, it is best not to leave any doors open when there is no one home.

Of course, this depends on what type of home you live in and where you live. However, teaching children about leaving all the doors closed will create a habit that could save them from hazards such as fires or other accidents while at home by themselves.

It’s also good home-safety advice because burglars count on people forgetting to shut their back door while going out for a quick errand. Make sure your child knows how important it is to close every single door before heading out, and always keep a first-aid kit nearby.

2. Make Sure Your Kids Have Your Contact Information

Teach your kids to know all of your contact information. This should include home, cell phone numbers, and other emergency contacts that are important in case there is ever an issue at home when you aren’t around.

This can be a great way to prevent any emergencies from turning into tragic situations while the child stays home alone or if they get hurt without anyone knowing where to find them.

You don’t want anything life-threatening happening because no one knows how to reach you.

3. Show Your Kids to Never Trust Strangers

Teach your child to never trust strangers. This is one home-safety tip that can be taught at any age, but it’s more important for children who are home alone or on their own without supervision.

It’s very easy to teach kids not to go anywhere with someone they don’t know and this home-safety tip could save them from getting abducted or hurt in some way while out by themselves.

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4. Never Let Them Play in the Road

Teach your kids to never play in the road.

Whether walking home from school or just playing outside, you should teach them that they need to stay off of roads and sidewalks so they don’t get run over by a car.

This home-safety tip is also very important because not only can it prevent accidents but it could save their lives.

When children are young and curious, sometimes this home-safety advice isn’t always followed. Also, if there’s heavy traffic on the street where you live then it may be best for parents to keep an eye on kids who tend to wander about while outdoors.

5. Teach Your Kids to Never Share Personal Information Online

Teach your child to never give out their home address or any personal information online, according to

This is one home-safety tip that parents should go over with children of all ages because it can be very easy for predators and strangers on the internet to gain access to kids’ information by asking them questions like “What’s your home address?” or “Where do you live?”.

Follow These Home-Safety Tips

When you follow these home-safety tips, you can keep your kids out of harm’s way when you’re not around. To learn more about this subject, continue reading this blog for more helpful articles.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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