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5 Helpful Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring



Engagement Ring

Have you decided that you are ready to ask the one you love to marry you? Asking the question can be nerve-racking enough but the jitters don’t end there, you need to select the perfect ring.

Finding something you can afford and that will please your fiancé can be challenging and even a little bit daunting. Knowing a few tips for buying an engagement ring is one of the best ways to ensure that you get everything right.

Think About Style

Knowing what style would fit your significant other’s personality is important. The type of jewelry and clothes your significant other wears can provide clues.

If your fiance is the sentimental type you may want to consider laser engraving. Engagement ring engraving offers you the chance to express your love with words. This helps to make the ring more special.

Find the Right Size

The last new thing you want is to purchase a ring that doesn’t fit. If you are shopping for the ring together finding the right size becomes a lot easier.

If you want to make it a surprise, then you will have to be a little more strategic. You can take an existing ring that your significant other wears on their ring finger and get it sized.

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Another alternative is to slip a thin piece of rope around your significant other’s ring finger while they are asleep. If all else fails just make your best guess. You can always have it resized.

Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring Using the 4C’s

Deciding on the color, cut, carat, and clarity of the diamond you want to purchase is very important. These 4 C’s will directly affect how much you spend and how the ring looks.

The cut of the diamond is extremely important. The cut is what gives the diamond its brilliance, no matter how beautiful a diamond is if it is poorly cut it will not sparkle as much as it should.

The clarity of the diamond is the next thing you should pay attention to. The clarity will have an impact on the durability of the diamond. Diamond clarity can be difficult to judge with the naked eye but all reputable jewelers will give you accurate clarity grades.

The color grade for a diamond is determined by the absence of color. The clearer the color of the diamond the more expensive it will be.

Diamond carat refers to the weight of the diamond. A diamond’s worth will increase based on its size.

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Shop Around

You will need to do some shopping around in order to find the best diamond possible. Go to as many stores as you can and compare prices.

If you are strapped for time you may want to consider shopping online. When you’re buying online make sure that the company has their diamonds graded by an outside authority. Online companies that rate their own diamonds are not a good choice.

Ready to Propose

Now that you know all the best tips for buying an engagement ring. You are ready to propose. The key things to remember are to stick within your budget and consider, style, size, and the 4 C’s before making a purchase.

If you would like more style tips, please visit the style section of the blog.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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