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5 Factors to Consider When Planning a Truck Delivery Route



Did you know that 55% of U.S. shoppers prefer same-day delivery to any other arrival time? Besides, at least 58% of customers wouldn’t want to wait more than forty minutes for their deliveries to arrive.

A truck driver needs a lot of delivery route planning to ensure package delivery is in good time.

Truck route planning also helps to reduce fuel, transportation, and vehicle maintenance costs. So, you boost your revenue by increasing productivity and efficiency.

Here, we discuss five factors to consider when planning a truck delivery route.

1. Wear the Right Attire

Putting on the right attire will ensure you move quickly, comfortably, and safely when making your package deliveries. You’ll need to have comfortable and durable boots for your feet.

During the day, you’ll have to get in and out of your truck many times when loading the truck to each stop along your route. Wearing sandals or runners can inconvenience you, especially during bad weather days.

Ensure you buy quality gloves to protect your hands and fingers from injuries. In cold weather, put on insulated gloves to keep your hand warm.

Dress up for the weather always. Besides, carry some extra clothing just in case the weather changes along your journey.

2. Pack Your Drivers Bag

Ensure you pack the items that you’ll use daily. You must also include items that you’ll need in the event of an emergency.

A first aid kit, flashlight, box cutter, pen, and paper are some items you must not lack in your bag. You can decide to leave your bag in the truck or prepare it each morning before you start your journey.

So, you won’t need to make unnecessary stops that may cause major delays.

3. Delivery Route Optimization

A fast truck driver will always ensure they plan their route before leaving for their package delivery. It helps when using quality route optimization software to make your life easier and faster as a truck driver.

It’s not recommendable to use google maps for your delivery route. With route optimization software, you can plan your routes and reduce delivery time.

This tool also helps a truck driver avoid wasting time in traffic jams and backtracking. Consult your trucking insurance company to know the best route optimization software for your trucking fleet.

4. Schedule Mandatory Breaks

There are various breaks that you must have when truck route planning. Failure to have bathroom breaks will affect your delivery schedule. So, it becomes hard to make your deliveries on time.

Having breaks in your schedule gives you a clear picture of your day at work. You can also predict how long it should take to finish your delivery route.

Plan for short breaks to help prevent chronic fatigue that may make you lose focus on the road or cause stress. You can hydrate or enjoy a cup of your favorite beverage to help you keep going.

5. Organize the Packages in Your Truck

Finding the right package at the right stop can be a great way to speed up deliveries.

It also helps to organize the packages in your truck depending on the address and drop-off order.

Truck Route Planning

Making quick package deliveries can make any truck driver successful. Fast deliveries will also increase your trucking business revenue and eliminate stress.

The above five factors will help you plan your delivery route with ease.

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