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5 Common Reasons Why People Get Divorced




The good news is that the national divorce rate is declining. The bad news is that if you are someone struggling in marriage, divorce may be a real possibility.

There are several reasons why people get divorced – extramarital affairs, lack of communication, or religious differences to name a few.

Want to learn more about the top reasons for getting divorced? Keep reading to find out!

  1. Finances

You might think that couples who are struggling financially are more likely to get divorced. But in reality, it’s not necessarily how much money a couple has, it’s what they want to do with it and how they spend it.

A partner who values saving and planning for the future could be upset when their partner chooses to spend frivolously on entertainment and non-essentials. The difference in vision could cause enough conflict to result in divorce.

  1. Lack of Communication

Over time, a relationship starts to feel comfortable. But what if living in that comfort prevents partners from openly communicating? Consistently establishing expectations and sharing one’s feelings are part of building and sustaining a relationship. So when expectations and feelings go unsaid, conflict starts.

Conflict and arguments can lead to divorce. Especially if partners don’t have a communication and conflict resolution strategy that works for them.

When a couple doesn’t communicate well, divorce proceedings can get messy. If you are in need of a divorce attorney to help you manage communication with a former spouse, visit this website to find out more.

  1. Lack of Physical Intimacy

Physical intimacy is about more than just sex. While sex is an important part of a marriage, other acts of physical intimacy may be as critical.

Hugging, kissing, touching, holding hands – these are small physical gestures that keep two partners close. And they are just as important on day one of marriage as year 40 of marriage.

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So when physical intimacy is scarce, people start to feel disconnected from their partner and the relationship. If the issue is not addressed, it can lead to divorce.

  1. Getting Married Young

Couples that get married young (under 25 years old) are more likely to say that their age contributed to why they got divorced. It’s possible that at a young age individuals don’t have enough time to establish their own independent identities and interests which can contribute to problems with a spouse.

Two young people may grow apart as they learn what’s important to them and what they value. In these cases, the benefits of getting a divorce outweigh the benefits of trying to stay together.

  1. Domestic Abuse

Unfortunately, many marriages end because of domestic abuse. Physical or emotional abuse is unsafe and should not be tolerated. Cases of domestic abuse can affect what each partner gets in the divorce and child custody proceedings.

If you are in an abusive relationship, reach out for help.

Reasons Why People Get Divorced Are Changing

Marriage and divorce trends are consistently changing. And so are the reasons for getting married or divorced. The reasons above are a few of the many reasons couples choose to end a marriage.

But getting divorced doesn’t have to be a painful, traumatic experience. With support from friends and family and representation from good divorce lawyers, you can end your marriage feeling hopeful and excited for your future.

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James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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