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5 Benefits of Hiring Professional Cleaners for Your Rental Properties



The vast majority of rental properties in America are owned by individual investors. That means that there are thousands of properties being run by a single person who may not have a strong team to back them.

Not everyone needs the help of a property management team, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t develop a few key contracts. Professional cleaners are some of the people who can help to improve your rental properties.

Why should you work with professional cleaners regardless of how many units you’re in charge of? How can professional cleaners become an integral landlord tool?

Read on for five benefits of working with professional cleaners to clean your rental properties.

1. Clean Rentals are Attractive

When prospective tenants are touring different rental properties, one of the things they want to see is that a property is well taken care of. If two different rental properties meet a prospective tenant’s budget and one is much cleaner, they will almost always gravitate toward the cleaner one. A clean rental is an attractive rental.

2. Clean Rentals Make Tenants Feel Cared For

Tenants are often made to feel as though they don’t matter to their landlord. When you hire a professional cleaning company between tenants, you show that you care about your tenant’s quality of living. This helps to establish trust and build a positive relationship.

3. Professional Cleaners Can Slow Wear and Tear

Cleaning isn’t just about removing dust and grime. Companies like Orchard Cleaning Services know the proper techniques to clean each type of surface or material. They can often restore different elements of a property to like-new condition without wearing them down further, allowing you to make the most of your carpeting, fixtures, and so on.

4. Professional Cleaners Can Lower Tenant Vacancy Times

Most landlords do expect tenants to clean their rental properties before moving out. However, all landlords have encountered post-move-out conditions that aren’t up to par. It would take a long time for you to clean a property from top to bottom on your own, but a professional cleaning company can do so quickly, lowering tenant vacancy times.

5. Professional Cleaners Can Boost Your ROI

The only reason why you might hesitate to hire professional cleaners is the cost. However, the benefits of hiring a cleaning company include a high ROI on everything from tenant retention efforts to investments you make into each property. At the end of the day, you stand to make more money with the help of professional cleaners.

Add Professional Cleaners to Your Landlord Toolbelt

When you’re running one or more rental properties on your own, it can become difficult to keep up with day-to-day or annual maintenance. Professional cleaners can take care of one of the most important tasks for you: making your properties a clean and comfortable place to live.

Running a rental property is a lot like running a business. You may need investors, a marketing strategy, and strong financial planning. Take a look at our business content to learn how to run your property like a business.

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