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5 Amazing Benefits of Planting Trees



The planet loses 24 million acres of forest every year. And while you may not be able to stop industrial logging or mass deforestation, the benefits of planting trees can be felt in your neighborhood.

The clearing of forests for farming and raising livestock helps keep about 4.8 billion tons of carbon in the atmosphere. Trees and plants, through photosynthesis, help gobble up this carbon. These plants also create liveable habitats and viable food sources for animals.

Most of the world’s deforestation occurs in far-flung countries like Brazil and Indonesia, but you can act locally by planting trees in your yard.

You may not have considered all the benefits of trees. For example, they can improve your mental health and add more money to your pocket.

In the following article, we’ll discuss five reasons why you should plant trees and how planting trees can not only help you but your community.

1. Protect and Serve

While many people only pair trees and wind with fallen branches and downed trunks, trees protect your home from high winds from storms.

A stand of trees placed strategically around your home serves as a buffer to strong winds that can damage siding and rip shingles from your roof.

For example, a 35 mile per hour gust is more than enough to pick up furniture or send a loose shingle flying. But, with a stand of trees, that same gust is cut down by 15 mph. So, that cutting breeze is reduced to a mere zephyr by trees.

2. Trees Are Cool

Temperatures continue to rise throughout the country as each summer seems to set a new record for annual high temperatures.

Trees can help your home and yard stay cool by producing shade. To maximize this cooling effect, experts suggest that you plant them on the southwest corner of your home. There the trees will provide maximum shade during the hottest months of summer.

A tree expected to grow to 50-feet tall should be planted about 15 to 20 feet from your home for maximum shade. You should contact a reputable tree service for more on proper tree placement.

3. Improve Your Soil

Healthy soil needs air, minerals, water, and organic material. Trees help maintain this organic matter by producing roots and leaves. Also, helpful critters like worms, microbes, and beetles thrive near tree roots.

When the soil around your yard is healthy, you reduce the number of bare spots in your yard and the risk of pests and disease.

4. Reduce Bills

Since trees provide significant shade, you won’t need to run your air conditioning inside your home as often. Americans spend an estimated $22 billion each year air-conditioning their homes and pl, ace of work. That works out to 12% of a homeowner’s overall electricity bill.

Placing trees strategically around your home can shave hundreds of dollars off your tour yearly bill in parts of the country.

5. Improve Your Property Value

Academics and realtors agree that large, healthy trees can improve your property and make your neighborhood more desirable. We’ve all seen or have visited idyllic tree-lined suburban streets.

Experts estimate that healthy trees can improve a home’s value by 3 to 15 percent. Curb appeal is more than psychological. Thoughtful landscaping costs money, and prospective buyers and appraisals know the effort and dollars it adds to the property’s value.

Experience the Benefits of Planting Trees

While reduced energy bills and increased property values are the more immediate benefits of planting trees, you shouldn’t discount that you are doing your part for the environment.

Trees, even those in your yard, help create animal habitats and take harmful excess carbon out of the air. When you plant trees, you allow everyone to breathe a little easier.

Did you find this article helpful? Search this website for more on landscaping and the environment.

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