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4 Things That Make Depression Worse



If you or your loved one experiences depression, you’re far from alone. Major depressive disorder affects around 16.1 million people in the United States alone. While it may feel frustrating that so many other people are suffering from depression, too, it’s also comforting to know that you are not the only one fighting this battle.

The good news is that some scientifically backed interventions can help. With this being said, some things can make your depression worse. Consider these four lifestyle choices that have the potential to aggravate your symptoms.

  1. Letting Financial Stresses Pile Up

One factor that contributes to a depressed mood is feeling overwhelmed. It’s an unavoidable truth that having to spend money on unexpected costs causes stress. When this stress consistently stacks up, it’s pretty understandable that your mood might fluctuate based on this financial stress. Take matters into your own hands by staying on top of your finances so you’re prepared for whatever life throws at you.

Make a list of home updates coming your way to stay on top of them. While budgeting isn’t going to fix your depression, it will help you decrease your Anxiety Disorder and stress when a financial crisis occurs. By knowing that you need specific repairs like a window replacement in Portage, MI, you’re equally prepared to have this money set aside instead of blindsided by the need for repair costs. Plus, it’s wise to go to experienced professionals who will do your window replacement with quality workmanship for an affordable price.

  1. Not Getting Help

Another factor that contributes to worsening depression is not getting professional help from a licensed therapist like those at WithTherapy. Their site connects you with a wide range of available mental health professionals who can help you work through any depressive episodes or unsettling times using conventional therapies.

By reaching out for professional help, you’ll learn how to challenge any negative thought patterns you’ve developed, and you’ll also build up your coping skills. After all, working on feeling better isn’t always an individual project. Sometimes, reaching out to a mental health counselor is the missing step you need to enable you to manage your depression.

  1. Staying Sedentary

When noting the behaviors that make your depression worse, staying sedentary is one culprit. For this reason alone, you should start making sure to get some kind of physical activity every day. Regular exercise is scientifically proven to reduce depression symptoms. Don’t worry, you’re not alone if the thought of exercising feels overwhelming and daunting.

The last thing you may want to do is get up and block out the time to get going, but what’s important is that you do your best to get moving anyway. Begin with just five or 10 minutes of activity, then keep pushing on if you can. Any exercise does a great job at boosting your mood, and when you continue to make working out a lifestyle choice, you’re assembling a lifetime guarantee that regular exercise can have the power to change your energy and mindset.

  1. Not Sleeping Well

Sleep is a factor that can make depression better or worse. Everyone needs to get at least eight hours of sleep per night. However, there’s a line where sleep may be too little or too much. Too little sleep can leave you feeling agitated, on edge, and anxious, leading to depression. Too much sleep may leave you lethargic and defeated. It’s all about finding a sweet spot that allows you to wake up feeling well rested and ready to take on the day. Try to get better sleep so you can sustain feeling better, one step at a time.

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