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4 Interior Color Trends to Watch in 2022



This year, Americans will spend over $400 billion on home upgrades and repairs. These upgrades will mostly look to make living spaces more comfortable and visually appealing.

A huge percentage of home upgrades focus on the Interior Walls of the house. In 2022, color will dominate interior design. Interior painting will seek to bring energy and vibrancy into the home.

So, what specific interior color trends should you look forward to as the year progresses? Here are four suggestions.

1. Green Becomes a Popular Choice

Green will be a strong contestant for color of the year in 2022. An increasing number of homeowners are looking to bring the rejuvenating qualities of nature inside, and there’s no better way to do so than by using green.

The pandemic forced people to spend more time at home. And with more people now opting to work from home, people are looking for ways to make their home retreats more deeply connected to the nurturing, living hues of the outside world.

There are numerous shades of green to choose from, with emerald green being one of the most preferred. The shade symbolizes growth, harmony, royalty, and refinement. It’s the perfect color to help you find balance this year.

2. Natural Neutrals Have Become a Trend

There’s a reason expert interior designers recommend natural neutrals for living spaces. These shades serve as the perfect accent colors in many homes. Natural neutrals have a calming effect, which is just what you want after a long day at work.

In 2022, neutrals will be one of the hottest interior design trends. Clean, light hues and tones, such as greens and blues, will reign supreme. These colors promote serenity and relaxation, which is just what you want when spending time at work.

3. Crispy Whites Still Reign Supreme

Crispy whites are the classic home interior design go-to. These shades are making a dazzling comeback in 2022, opening up space and adding brilliance to any room.

The popularity of this timeless paint color will only continue to grow this year. With all the chaos happening outside, many homeowners want to come home to a space that feels open, airy, and serene. Many interior designers are big proponents of crisp white paint with no undertones, as it makes space feel much larger than it really is.

4. Bridget Yellow Making a Comeback

The retro 1970s are coming back, and we’re seeing cheerful pops of color in yellow. The idea is to create a modern, playful look.

As people spend more time at home, happy colors are quickly making their way into the spotlight. These colors help keep the mood bright. Yellow shades play incredibly well with luxurious textiles and textured accessories, as well as other interior design trends that we’ll see in 2022.

Stay on Top of 2022 Interior Color Trends

If part of your home renovation plans this year include adding a fresh coat of paint to your living space, you’re probably interested in knowing what interior color trends will rule this year. Choose from the trends we’ve outlined in this blog what works best for you.

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