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4 Cigar Smoking Tips Every Beginner Should Know



Cigar Smoking Tips

More than 12 million people in the US alone smoke cigars! As soon as you smoke your first cigar, you’ll understand exactly why this hobby is so popular. Cigars are a great way to unwind at the end of the day or celebrate a personal achievement, and they pair well with a glass of scotch.

If you’re a beginner at smoking cigars, it can be overwhelming, to say the least. What kind of cigar should you buy? How do you prepare it for smoking?

If you’re looking to get into the world of cigars, we put together these cigar tips for you. You’ll learn the answer to all these questions and more. Read on to learn to start your cigar 101 class!

1. Start Small

For your first cigar, we recommend starting small. It’s less of a commitment, and smaller cigars are often a bit milder. This makes them perfect for a beginner, who isn’t as used to cigars and still hasn’t developed their palette.

Starting mild is a great choice because a more full-bodied cigar can be overwhelming for beginners. In addition, they’ll be a little cheaper, so you don’t have to break the bank on a cigar that you’re not sure is right for you.

2. They Can Get Stale

Cigars can be expensive, which means you should make sure to take care of any cigars that you buy. Your cigars can go stale and lose their freshness surprisingly quickly!

Keep your cigars fresh with cigar juice. Cigar juice maintains a steady level of humidity around your cigars, so they don’t dry up and keep that perfect level of freshness. For an example, check out this page.

3. Clip Your Cigars

This one isn’t really one of our¬†cigar tips and tricks, it’s just standard cigar protocol. Before you smoke your cigar, you have to clip the cap with a cigar cutter.

Many beginners make the mistake of using a knife or their teeth. This can destroy the end of your cigar by ruining the wrapper! For best results, use a cigar cutter with a sharp blade.

Clip about 3mm of the tip with your cutter in a strong, decisive cut. This will prevent the wrapper from tearing and will ensure a smooth smoke.

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4. How to Light It

One of the most important cigar smoking tips for beginners is how to light it. Start by holding the tip of the cigar at a 45-degree angle close to the flame. It shouldn’t be in the flame, instead, it should be close enough to toast the tip.

Then, puff on your cigar to ensure an even burn. The tip of the cigar should be an even white. Then, move the tip a little further away and continue to puff until it’s ignited.

You can give it a moment to stabilize, and then you’re ready to smoke it!

Start Smoking Like a Pro With These Cigar Tips

When done properly, cigar smoking can be a fun and fulfilling hobby. Now that you have our top cigar smoking tips, you can start picking and smoking cigars like a pro. Keep these cigar tips on hand, and you’re sure to enjoy your first cigar.

If you enjoyed learning these cigar tips for beginners, we have lots of similar advice on our blog. Check it out for more!

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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