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4 Best Web Hosting Platforms And What To Look In Them



4 Best Web Hosting Platforms And What To Look In Them

Finding best web hosting is a critical step that makes or break your online business. And among the important factors to consider are stability, quality, features and price. We have listed 4 best web hosting providers of the world below.

Meet the selected companies below. All offer great value for money and have also been evaluated on criteria such as quality, features and price.

1. HostGator

HostGator ranks first as the best website hosting, due to its excellent cost-benefit ratio. The company is one of the largest in the world and offers great quality hosting at one of the lowest prices on the market (including renewal). In addition, their servers are stable, with a 99.9% availability guarantee.

The best plan is at $3.50/month, in this offer with 65% discount and free domain. It is one of the most feature-rich hosting, serving most websites. SSL certificate is free for all domains and storage uses SSD. Also includes website builder, professional email and 1 year free domain from the annual cycle. HostGator offers 24/7 support (via chat and ticket) and free migration.

2. Hostinger

Hostinger is an international hosting company with a presence in all over the world. Its strengths are the low price and the stability of the servers, which can be chosen from several locations, including USA, Asia, Europe, and South & North America. The uptime (availability) guarantee is 99.9%. Plans start at $1.99/month, but the best value for money is the $2.99/month plan.

In this plan, it is possible to host multiple websites on a total space of 100 GB SSD. Domain registration is free for the 1st year. The SSL certificate is free on all plans and for all domains. The email offered has a total space of 10 GB per domain. The company offers free migration and a 30-day refund. Support is efficient and works via chat, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3. Siteground

SiteGround is an excellent alternative for anyone looking for one of the best hosting for international websites, for its exceptional quality, features and support. The company offers stable, high-performance hosting in Google Cloud platform data centers. Plans start at $3.99 for the first payment cycle (promotional pricing), and come with a 30day money-back guarantee.

Support (24/7) in English and payment in dollars are disadvantages here in other language countries. But the free add-ons by default (SSL certificate, CDN, cache and daily backup) place it among the most complete hosts. SiteGround is one of the companies recommended by for websites created with the platform.

4. Godaddy

GoDaddy ranks among the largest in the world and is an alternative to consider when choosing the best web hosting. A strong point of the company is the variety of services offered, as well as promotions for renewals. The Starter plan costs $5.99/month in this special offer to host 1 website.

The SSL certificate is charged separately for the starter plan, but is included in the higher ones. Professional email is free for the first year (1 account). GoDaddy is a great hosting provider with excellent stability (100% uptime most of the time). Support is available in different languages, by phone, chat and WhatsApp. The promotional plan also includes 1 year of free domain.

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Reasons To Choose The Best Web Hosting

It may seem unfair, but there is no mean to built a website well but host it on low-quality hosting. To know how to evaluate and choose the ideal service, you need to know four fundamental pillars of website hosting : speed, stability, security and support.

1. Speed

A well-performing website loads its pages quickly. Fast loading pages ensures the user will stay on your website and will not leave it quickly. It is also a crucial factor for online sales. An online store that takes time to load loses sales and revenue. Institutional sites lose potential customers.

Search engines like Google & Bing also consider speed as the main ranking factor. That is the reason if you have slow speed it will harm your website rankings.

Therefore to have an optimized well ranked website, it is important to choose the best web hosting that has high performance servers so you should not face slow speed.

2. Stability

Not only loading speed, but it is important that your website stays available 24/7. Nothing is more frustrating that when a user browse your website and it not loads. It will greatly impact your website rankings. Unfortunately, low stability only appears on low-quality hosting.

The best hosting guarantees an availability time ( uptime ) of at least 99.5%, and can reach 100%. All hosting providers in this ranking meet this prerequisite.

Your site’s positioning on Google can also suffer if it is frequently unavailable. That’s why it’s so important to choose the best hosting site.

3. Safety

The third point is to ensure the chosen web hosting provider must protect your website data. Thus, any crash in hosting can be bypassed. For many customers, a simple backup routine may be sufficient.

Among the possible threats to websites and online services, we can mention DDoS attacks and intrusions. These, in addition to compromising the stability of the service, can still cause a lot of headaches for the website owner. The best website hosting needs to offer protection from attacks and intrusions.

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4. Support

When using a hosting service, you will eventually need to call the company’s support, either to clarify a question or perform a configuration. It is important, at this time, that you have efficient support channels at your disposal that can be quickly activated, especially in urgent cases.

So, when choosing a hosting for your website, make sure that the support that the company offers meets your needs. You need to be able to count on them whenever you need them. Also don’t forget to check if the support is in multiple languages, if you don’t speak English.

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