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3 Types of Dental Procedures to Restore Your Smile



Dental Procedures

There are more than 3.9 billion people who have untreated tooth decay in the world. That’s 44% of the global population that should be doing something about their dental health that don’t do anything!

Dental health isn’t just to avoid pain but to feel better inside and out. Approving of our own appearances helps our mental health too.

What are some styles of dental procedures? Some are invasive, some are simple, but all can help your smile shine! Keep reading to find out!

  1. Dental implants

Dental implants are replacements for teeth you may have lost or damaged too severely. It’s a procedure with multiple steps that can include:

  • Removing old tooth material
  • Building up jaw bone mass and density
  • A hole is drilled for the implant
  • Installing the post of the implant
  • Allowing the bone to grow into the implant post surface
  • Installing the abutment
  • Installing the prosthetic tooth

This multistage process is important for patients with specific dental issues and those missing individual teeth. If you don’t smoke, don’t have bone healing issues, or are unwilling to use dentures, this could be a solution for your smile.

Of course, there are risks inherent in any surgical procedure, such as:

  • Infection at the implantation site
  • Injury to surrounding tissues
  • Nerve damage
  • Sinus problems when implants have placement issues in the upper jaw

It’s important to review these things with your dental surgeon before starting any implant procedure. Make sure you know about the treatment plan, review your medical history, and get a comprehensive dental exam that can find any reason to rule out candidacy for a dental implant.

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  1. Root Canals

As far as types of dental procedures go, this one is pretty routine but definitely helps out your smile. Root canals are used to clear out the inner pulp of your tooth when it gets nerve damage.

That nerve damage and resulting necrosis often result from a blood supply cut off at the root. This root canal service doesn’t restore blood supply but removes the nerve entirely, and bleaches the inside.

After a couple of days with a temporary filling in the tooth, the tooth is filled to match the color of the other teeth.

Without a root canal, not only will a crack be more visible but the affected tooth or teeth will be visibly darker. This “dead tooth” sticks out like a sore thumb. Getting the root canal service will improve your smile a hundred times over.

  1. Tooth Removal

The types of dental procedures above replace missing teeth or use your natural teeth that have died Tooth removal, on the other hand, allows for more room in our jaws for teeth that are overcrowded.

As it turns out, our jaws are getting smaller. Our lifestyles are causing more crowding in our mouths than ever before, which may necessitate the removal of teeth for an ongoing healthy lifestyle.

Not to mention a better smile.

El Dente: Three Types of Dental Procedures That Save Your Smile

In the end, a good smile is also a sign of a healthy mouth. These types of dental procedures are more than just cosmetic dental procedures. They can help you have a worry-free lifestyle and a long life.

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