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3 Types of Cranes Used in Construction



Types of Cranes

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world, sitting at a remarkable 2,716 feet. The One World Trade Center in New York City is America’s tallest building, at 1,776 feet.

Skyscrapers continue to go up in every major city across the globe. But even more than skyscrapers are business and apartment buildings that extend just three, four, or five floors from the ground.

And all of these architectural and engineering masterpieces are only possible thanks to the modern construction technology we now have at our disposal. The types of cranes we have available to us today empower building efficiency like never before.

But what are the different types of cranes that construction crews use today? What are the most powerful types of construction cranes that empower the building of our modern cities? Keep reading below for answers to all your crane-related questions.

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1. Tower Cranes

Tower cranes are one of the many different types of overhead cranes you see on construction sites.

When you see high-rises going up in metro areas around the country, you likely see tower cranes nearby. These have become a modern symbol in engineering and development.

During the building process, tower cranes sit above the building site, often extending high above other buildings around them.

There are different types of tower cranes, but most people are familiar with the hammerhead tower crane. This is the crane that looks like an upside-down “L” with a tall, tower and an overhead crane extending out from the top at 90 degrees.

The tower can rotate 360 degrees, and the lift can move along the extended arm to move materials about the job site.

2. Knuckle Boom Crane

Knuckle boom cranes are smaller, lighter, and more maneuverable construction cranes, as they can be installed on the back of a heavy-duty truck. So this type of crane is best used on busy job sites, where materials need to be transported and installed using one crane.

These loader cranes can be used on residential applications, and can also lift materials multiple stores high. You can learn more about knuckle boom cranes at

3. Crawler Cranes

Crawler cranes have many different names, from lattice cranes to telescopic crawlers. They are the largest and most heavy-duty type of mobile crane.

But rather than a crane on a truck, these large cranes sit on a heavy-duty crawler base that resembles those found on a military tank.

The tracks on these cranes can crawl over any type of surface, and the crane itself can lift thousands of tons of weight. They either come with a lattice-type boom or a telescoping boom.

Due to the heavy-duty treads, they aren’t road legal. And they are designed for the heaviest jobs, as they require in-depth assembly on the job site.

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Understanding the Many Different Types of Cranes

There are many other types of cranes you are likely to see when passing different job sites. Static cranes are often found inside existing facilities, but can also be installed on long-term job sites. But most construction cranes tend to be mobile cranes.

Looking for more information on tools and equipment used on big job sites? Head over to our blog now to find other helpful articles.

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