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3 Common Gutter Cleaning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them



Have you been stressing about dirty gutters at your home?

Cleaning gutters is likely one of the most stressful aspects of maintaining your home and there are many gutter cleaning mistakes that can make matters even worse!

So how do you ensure regular gutter maintenance? How do you know when to clean gutters to avoid further issues?

Here’s what you need to know about preventing gutter damage. These are the common gutter cleaning mistakes to avoid at all costs:

1. When to Clean Gutters

It’s likely that you postpone cleaning your gutters. While you don’t have to clean them each time you see some dirt, you can’t wait months on end to wash the gutters.

Check out your gutters at least once per week. Even if you find a small amount of dirt, consider cleaning the gutters.

Make sure you wash your gutters with liquid soap and water at least once per week. Even if it’s already clean, this combination can prevent gutter damage.

Before you clean your gutters, take a picture of the gutter. Take another picture after you finish cleaning. You can compare pictures each month to see if your gutters are getting cleaned or if you can expect long-term damage.

2. Cleaning Gutters On Your Own

While you should give your gutters a quick wash at least once per week, you shouldn’t always rely on your own skills. You should hire a professional service to clean your gutters such as:

At least once per month, you should have a professional cleaner inspect your gutters. They’ll give it a thorough cleaning and can advise you on what to do for preventing gutter damage.

Professional gutter cleaning services can also help you install gutter guards. These will help your gutters from getting clogged in the first place. If you need to replace your gutters altogether, you should only rely on professional services!

3. Not Protecting Yourself

You must always wear gutter cleaning safety gear when cleaning your gutters. Make sure you always wear heavy-duty gloves as it’s easy for dirt and debris to get stuck under your fingernails. The chemicals used for cleaning gutters can also damage your hands in the long run.

Make sure you also wear protective goggles. If you wear eyeglasses you must still wear goggles over them.

Always wear long clothing when cleaning your gutters. Make sure you wear a thick cloth shirt or sweater. Wear jeans or workers’ pants.

These should be baggy and shouldn’t have any holes or cuts.

Avoid These Gutter Cleaning Mistakes

Now you can avoid these common gutter cleaning mistakes and work toward preventing gutter damage.

You should start by inspecting your gutters each week. Use soap and water to give them a thorough wash. Take pictures to assess if gutter damage is expected.

However, you shouldn’t only depend on cleaning gutters on your own. Always hire professional services at least once per month to help you. Make sure you also wear protective gear when cleaning your gutters.

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