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2022 Trends in the Nursing Profession



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Like every other profession, the nursing profession has evolved to a great extent over the past few years. The US Bureau of labor statistics has estimated a 45% growth in employment of nurses between 2020 and 2030. Even before the covid pandemic took over the world, nurses were in great demand, but now, hospitals are looking for as many nurses as possible after this pandemic. This is because of the increase in patients in hospitals. Hospitals now need nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives, and nurse practitioners to take care and look after patients. Hence, the nursing profession has been evolving in different ways.

Here are a few trends in the nursing profession that you need to look out for.

  • Increase In Demand For Nurses

As discussed above, the covid 19 pandemic has enormously increased the demand for nurses in hospitals. Studies and reports have shown that because of this huge demand, hospitals have also increased the salaries of nurses to motivate them and keep their hospitals functioning properly. Hence, every nurse who enters this profession will have a number of job options along with good salary packages. The demand for has also increased because of the increased shortage of nurses, and this shortage is expected to increase as baby boomers age, and the need for health care services grows. Hospitals now need more caretakers for the elderly population, which is why they may offer more money, bonuses, and other benefits to lure nurses and fill their vacancies. Suppose you have been considering pursuing an online MSN-FNP program. In that case, it is imperative to gain an understanding of the evolving trends in the nursing profession that might have an impact on your career.

  • Growth Of Telehealth

Even before the pandemic, the use of telehealth had been increasing. Nurses have started to provide more virtual help to patients through video calls. This trend has proven to be very helpful for patients as patients who do not need extensive care are enabled to stay home and still receive healthcare. Studies proved that nearly half of nurses between 2015 and 2020 were involved in providing health care through telehealth. It is also expected that the time nurses take to provide healthcare through telehealth is also expected to increase even more in the near future. Studies have also reported that nurses with advanced practice degrees will be providing telehealth services that will be very accommodating and helpful for patients. However, nurses must make sure that the platforms they are using, such as facetime or skype, are safe for communicating sensitive data and information. The safety of protected health information is also a trend that has been growing.

  • Growth in Online Nursing

This is one of the biggest growing trends in the nursing profession. Because of the pandemic, nurses are being educated and trained on online platforms, resulting in instructors spending more time with students than teaching in a clinical setting. Moreover, students show a tendency for better performance and favorable outcomes in an online setting in terms of results, observation, and group performance. Learning in an online setting has also helped students to work with their busy routines. Online nursing programs have also helped nurses to gain education who live in rural areas and do not have universities nearby. Online programs have made it possible for students to earn their advanced degrees in a very comfortable manner and take out time for themselves. To conclude everything that has been stated so far, online nursing education comes with numerous benefits such as flexible timings, lower costs, personal instruction, social distancing, and much more.

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  • Technological Advancements

There have been many advances in technology that have the potential to make some aspects of the nursing profession easier. Such technologies include telesitting, telehealth, blockchain credentialing, mobile staffing apps, and artificial intelligence. Moreover, innovations such as portable medical devices and robots to carry out routine tasks like measuring patients’ vital signs are being used. These technologies have helped to make the nursing profession more efficient. However, these advancements come with learning, and nurses have to learn how to effectively use these devices to make the best use of them. These advancements help save time and reduce errors if used properly. Veteran nurses might face problems using these advancements and might have difficulty in adapting to these changes. But these advancements have proven to be more beneficial than hazardous as they look out for elderly patients, deliver food and pills, and help train nursing students.

  • Expanding Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Many opportunities for nurses to set up their businesses are now available. For example, increasing the need for nurses and healthcare services in rural areas lure nurses to go there and set up their own business. Moreover, not all nursing jobs require direct contact with patients, for example, nurse informatics. There are also nurse consultants who do not deal directly with patients but only visit hospitals and clinics to help with scheduling and documentation and consult on electronic health records. This shows the nursing profession’s options for people who want to enter this field. Nurses who want independence and control might opt for entrepreneurship. Hence, if you are one of these and want to enter this profession, entrepreneurship may be a good fit.

  • Implementation Of Self-Care In Nursing

Because of long working hours and taking care of patients one after the other, nurses experience stress, trauma and feeling overwhelmed. This might even affect their mental and physical health to some extent and overall quality of life. This is why educating nurses on self-care is extremely important. Self-care education is being emphasized in the nursing profession to a great extent. A nurse in the right state of mind is more likely to perform better. It is a good salary package that motivates nurses and a healthy working environment that keeps them going. A healthy work environment enables nurses to provide better services, resulting in positive patient outcomes. Organizations and employers recognize the importance of a healthy working environment, resulting in better outcomes.

These are the evolving trends in the nursing profession. Although several nursing trends are impacting the profession’s future, nurses still have the basic goal of providing high-quality health care services to patients that improve patients’ outcomes. If you are thinking of entering the nursing profession, an online program such as the msn-fnp program will help you understand the field and its ongoing trends much better. That will help you get much better at the job then, and will help you outshine as a nurse.

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